Original Paintings

Pritam Chivate

Artist Pritam Chivate

Joined Craft Tatva: January 2022

I use events in Indian culture as well as the anatomy of gods and goddesses in my paintings. As a child, we have been listening to the stories of Mahabharta, Ramayana and Gautam Buddha. I imagine that events and that existence in my pictures. We used to see pictures and photo's of those event as well as what we see in pictures of some senior artists, for example G.S Mazgaonkar, Vadangekr sir, N.S Bendre etc. I start taking body shapes in my pictures to make the event creation very easy to understand. I started to draw something like space soul. Later on in this journey, I have been trying to make the passions of the first person(Portrait) emotional in an attempt to show the intensity of such incidents. In the early days, I used to work in dark colors. That's how I stay connected to tradition and back to the present.

Focus Areas: Figures, Gods, etc.

Artworks by Pritam Chivate

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