Original Paintings

Priyanka Das

Artist Priyanka Das

Joined Craft Tatva: December 2021

My artworks are rooted in an exploration of my own world (জগৎ), which is composed of what I visually perceive and what I feel. Whenever I endeavour to understand my world I never can grasp it completely within my knowledge, something always remains elusive. I found that the world around me is made up of the Objects and I realize another kind of presence, i.e., Space. At the point, when I am trying to search “Life” in my obscure world, it has appeared to me through abstraction (বিশেষ ভাবে মূর্ত). There I found a common ground between my known and unknown worlds and so the objects I see and spaces I realize by my mind have become the main and the most important part of my art practices, but in the abstract manner. Another important thing that attracts me is that all the objects are made of some kinds of rudimentary geometrical shapes. These shapes are present in everything and everywhere. So, to establish objects in my artworks the most acceptable way I consider is the use of shapes. Whether it be houses or trees or any thoughts of my mind or any societal affair whichever these are I have given them shapes to be expressed.

Focus Areas: Abstracts

Artworks by Priyanka Das

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