Original Paintings

Puneet Madan

Artist Puneet Madan

Joined Craft Tatva: April 2022

Puneet Madan is an eminent artist and educationist with International recognition. She is honoured with the title of a ‘Legendary Person in Multitasking’, she has got the Global Woman Icon Award 2022 and selected among the Top 5 Women of India- 2022, with the most inspiring life story. A graceful and blessed personality with a different vision to look at life; has always worked for a beneficial social cause. Puneet Madan belongs to a world famous family who has always supported and encouraged her to experiment and explore new creative ideas. According to her, art is the speech of expression which she takes it to be her future. She perceives art to be her inborn inspiration that comes out of the core of her feelings and is guiding her to elevated heights.

Focus Areas: Nature, Birds, etc.

Artworks by Puneet Madan

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