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Radhika Rani

Radhika Rani

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2022

Radhika Rani is a civil engineer from Kerala and also studied economics whose interests have brought her to painting, poetry and photography and basically a naturist. First exhibition was in 2014. Her interest in insect photography and entomology made her to publish a book on insects she found in her garden, titles “Insects, A Garden view” in 2015. As a Painter she has done about ten exhibitions in different parts of India and UAE. Greatly influenced by the romantic age and its poets, her thoughts have a basic nature of romanticism. She believes in poetry as she feels it give her a discipline in her usage of words and lines using blank and free verse and rhythm more than rhyme. The combination of three art forms painting, photography and poetry. Her interests are also in mythology, history, entomology and environment, truly a socialist and Naturalist looking deep into nature for a better understanding of everything.

Focus Areas: Religious, Ganesh, etc.

Artworks by Radhika Rani

About Radhika Rani

Date of Birth: 15/05/1972
Place of Birth: Kollam, Kerala, India.
Citizenship: Indian.

EDUCATION: B.Tech in Civil Engineering.

Neco engineering, Site Engineer(Civil) · Kollam (Quilon), India,
Harbour Engineering, Assistant Engineer · Kollam (Quilon), India.
Radhika Associates, Managing Partner · Kollam (Quilon), India,

Worked: Competent Person · 2001 to 2013, factories and boilers dept. Kerala.

1. Solo art exhibition, named Abhivandanam at sopanam art gallery, Kollam on 1st of September 2014.
2. Solo art exhibition, named Samarpan at Rengoli Art center, BMRC, Bangalore on 3rd September 2015.
3. solo art exhibition, named 1024, Math’s the abstract the Essence at Durbar Hall Art gallery, Ernakulam from August 17th to 23rd 2016.
4. Solo exhibition at Kollam sopanam Art Gallery, names Suganitham from November 16th to 20th 2016.
5. Solo exhibition at Thiruvananthapuram Museum Art Gallery, named Reflections from august 29th to 31st 2017.

Attended Kerala lalitha kala academy varnolsavam one day camp at public library Kollam on 22nd of Jan 2016.
Have interest in photography, entomology and poetry.

Authored a book named “Insects a garden view” in 2015.

Also participated in The Kollam Public Library “Chitra mathil” , wall painting on public library walls depicting the history of Kollam. Done on various type of folk and tribal art of India.

1. The fishing history of Kollam in Madhubani paintingstyle
2. The coir industry of Kollam painted in Santal paninting style
3. Chinese influence in Kollam painted in Rajesthani Phad Painting style
4. British residency in Kollam painted in Pahari stle of painting
5. Portuguese influence in Kollam painted in Orissa Patachitra style of painting
6. Gandhi in Kollam Painted in Rajesthani Pichwai sstyle of painting
7. Kadakkal Rebellion of 1938 or Kadakkal Revolt painted in cheriyal painting style
6th Solo exhibition, named “Spice trail” at C- gallery, Durbar Hall, Ernakulam. 2018 september 7,8,9,11,12.
7th exhibition , named “Chayillyam” at Museum Auditorium Art Gallery, thiruvananthapuram, was from 1st of August 2019 to 4th august 2019. With fellow mural artist B.Vasantha Kumari.
8th solo exhibiton named “Masala Tales” at “A Painters Garden” T Nagar ,Chennai, was from 5th to 8th of september 2019.

Featured in the book “ART and ARTISTS”, contemporary artists of India, published in 2019.
9th Exhibition along with Manu Reghurajan named “Existential “at The Cartoon Art Gallery, AL Quoz Dubai. UAE, was on February 13 to 17th of 2020.
10th one made a virtual online Exhibition of Photographs based on butterflies. Is available on Artsteps online platform. https://www.artsteps.com/curate/5f3115d8bdd9bf6b1ef3855f
11th solo exhibition names “Gusto” at 8 point art café galley, Kollam, from January 7 to 18 the, 2022.

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