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Rahul Dangat

Artist Rahul Dangat

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

I am an artist Rahul Nivrutti Dangat is from Junnar village, Pune, Maharashtra . I tried different option playing with opaque and transparent accidental effects. I was observing minute details in the process occurring on my own case. Developing this textures and form l have build my current visuals which reflects on architectural landscapes. I have evolved with color palette from greyish to warmish color feel. You can see prominent use of red, black and yellow colors in this series. Here is noticeable use of crescent form in my work which may give variables to viewer as moon, mask, semi circle, modern architecture etc. I consciously makes use of vertical and horizontal alignments of lines in my work to balance the visuals. While painting i am aware about my intentions, act and process along with its desirable results therefore one will notice the strong ornamentation highlighting the composition. My division of space is calculative and applications of paints are refined defining the personality of the artist. In this painting, i trying to show the Potter's family. They mostly living in the villages. They make pots from soil and sell it in markets and the in the villages. I have trying to show there life story in my own style.

Focus Areas: Trees, Nature, etc.

Artworks by Rahul Dangat

About Rahul Dangat


G.D. Art Painting in 1st Class 2004.Bharti Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune.
B.F.A. Painting in 1st Class 2005. M.M.K. college of Visual art , Gulbarga , Karnataka.


1) State Art Exhibition 1999.
2) Annual Art Exhibition Sharadchandra Pawar Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Otur, Pune-1999.
3) Annual Art Exhibition Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune-2002
4) Manav Sanket Academy – Ujjaini-2003
5) Annual Art Exhibition Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune-2004.
6) ‘Chatka’ Mansoon show in Nehru Center, Mumbai-2004.
7) State Art Exhibition 2010.
8) State Art Exhibition 2011.
9) Bombay art society, 2011.


Solo Show:
Manav Sanket Academy Ujjain Silver Medal-2003.
Solo show in Pradarshak art gallery- 2011.

Group Show:
Group show in Junnar –1999
Group show in Furguson College in Pune-2003
Group show in M.M.K. College of Visual
Art-2004 ( Gulbarga).
Group show in Vaishwik art gallery Pune 2005
Group show in Coomaraswami Hall, Mumbai 2013.
Group show in Pradarshak Art Gallery Mumbai 2014.
Group show in Tulika Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2014.
Group show organized by Dream Foundation in The club, Andheri, Mumbai. 2014.
Group show in Jehangir Art Gallery, 2015.

Many collections in India & abroad.

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