Acrylic Paintings

Rajshree Ranjita

Artist Rajshree Ranjita

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

‌I m Rajshree Ranjita, a self taught artist. Art is my passion since childhood. Art really helps me to realise who I m and what makes me happy and complete.I worked in all medium but acrylic is my favorite one.Human emotions are my inspiration. Currently I am working on series "Inside me". I just want to depict the expression of life as perceived by my consciousness.The Sorrow and insecurity in our mind always keep us from realising how beautiful life is. Capturing those beauties of life makes me feel alive. some of my expressive work is on series " Tradition of India". As being a part of this magnified culture driven country, it always fascinated me to give it a colour of my paint & a touch of my brushes expressing the life of ours being immersed totally in celebration of our traditional echoes mixed with a sense of spiritual aura in dignity of love , compassion and happiness.

Focus Areas: Woman, Love, etc.

Artworks by Rajshree Ranjita

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