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Rakhi Baid

Artist Rakhi Baid

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

A self-cultivated and independent soul, she strongly connects to the idea of Krishna with his quality of being perfect with his imperfections. It was this quality that she connected with, and it sowed in her the idea of exploring the world of art as a preferred profession from being a wife, a mother, and a proud homemaker. Art became her approach to express her passion from the wealth of creativity that she knew she had. This passion keeps her on a pilgrimage of discovering new meaning to life through her art – through her forms, compositions, colors, or concepts. Every day she lives to learn, and learn to express and experiment with her own imperfections. And she is happy to be such, as he is.

Focus Areas: Religious

Artworks by Rakhi Baid

About Rakhi Baid

Date Of Birth: 15 August

Solo Exhibitions:
2018: Show at ICCR art Gallery in February, Kolkatta. 2016: Show @ Jehangir Art Gallery in April , Mumbai.
2014: Show @CHITRAMAYEE STATE Art Gallery in Nov. Hyderabad 2013: Show at Tanishq Showroom (TATA) in Nov.Mumbai
2013: Show at Nehru Centre, AC Gallery In Sept, Mumbai 2012: Show at JS Art Gallery in Dec.Mumbai
2011 : Artist Centre, Nov, Mumbai 2011: Nehru Centre, Sep, Mumbai
2011: Art Entrance, Jan, Kalaghoda, Mumbai 2010: Pradarshak Art Gallery, Khar, Mumbai 2009: Malaka Spice Art Gallery, Pune

2019: Group Show at Gallery ICA , Jaipur. 2019: Group Show for CPAA at Cymroza.
2019: Group show curated by Fawad Tamakant at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad . 2019: Group Show of women artist at coomarswamy ,Mumbai by Lotus Art .
2018 : Group Show with Dolna the Movement at INDEX
2017: Spiritual India ” Group Show by City Art Factory @ TNC , LONDON 2017: Group show of Women artists, West 10 Gallery,Mumbai
2016: Partcipated in Global Art Fair with Art Zolo.in ,World Trade Centre, Mumbai 2016: Participated in IAF with Art Zolo.in , Nehru Centre ,Mumbai
2016 : Artistic Symposium ,Mango Art Gallery, LONDON 2016: A group show with Gallery west 10 in IAF jan , Delhi 2016: A group show with Gallery west 10 in IAFsep , Mumbai 2015: A group show at Gallery West 10, Navi Mumbai.
2015: A group show with gallery west 10 in India Art Festival,Mumbai. 2015: A group show at Gallery West 10, Navi Mumbai.
2015: A show in Hotel Hindustan curated by city art factory , Kolkotta 2015: Art For life show in Vedic Village by City art Factory @ Kolkotta. 2015: Colours” Show in Coomaraswamy Hall , Mumbai
2015: participation in Globe Art Fair, DUBAI..
2015: Group show of Women Artist @ Saina Gallery ,Pune
2014 : Group Exh Partcipating Solo @ India Art Festival ,Mumbai , 2014 : Group show @ Kolkatta Gallery M,Oct 18 to 3rd Nov.
2014 : Group Show at Delhi , Hotel Fraser Suits , 1st – 7thSeptember 2014 : Group show at Jawahar Kal Kendra, Jaipur From 15th August 2014 : Group show at IFACS ,Delhi
2014 : Group show By Art info. @ SINGAPORE Exop 2013: Art Info, Dubai, October 2013
2013: Group Show at Lalit Kala by Mrigna at New Delhi From 1st Nov- To 7th 2013

2013: Raipur MGM Museum By Colourentice 2013: Goa, Sanskruti Bhavan By Colourentice , 2013: Visual Art Gallery Delhi, By Mrigna, 2013: Nagpur, Colourentice (Audi Showroom)
2013: Coomarswamy Hall, Aks Art Gallery & P L Deshpande Hall, Mumbai 2012: JS Art Gallery, Mumbai
2012: Coomaraswamy Hall, By Aroma, Mumbai
2012: Paint For Justice 2, Supreme Court in New Delhi
2012: Paint For Justice 1, Nijh World Gallery AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi 2012: JS Gallery Mumbai
2012: Lalitkala Akademy Nijh World. New Delhi.
2012: Hyderabad, Diverse Expression Alankritha Art Gallery, 2012: Coimbatore, Hotel Residency, By White Shadow Gallery, 2012: Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, By Nijh World Art Gallery 2012: Buddha Show, Aks Art Gallery, Andheri, Mumbai
2012: New Delhi, Visual Art Gallery, Mrigna Group 2012: Coomaraswamy Hall, Lotus, Mumbai
2012: AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi, Mrigna 2012: Alliance Art Gallery, New Delhi, Mrigna 2011: India Art Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. 2011: Hyderabad, Alankhrita Art Gallery,
2011: Monsoon Show at Artist Centre, Mumbai.
2011: P L Deshpande By Airawat Art Gallery,Mumbai. 2011: Art Mall, New Delhi, The STREE 2011
2011: Coomaraswamy Hall,,Lotus, Mumbai 2010: The Elements “Artist Center”, Mumbai. 2010: Art Land, Mumbai.
2010: Art Entrance, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. 2009: Out Of The Blue In Bandra, Mumbai.
2009: Colours show “ Museum Art Gallery, By Art Land, Mumbai
2009: The Leela Gallerie, Mumbai 2009: Pune, Aperture India Art Gallery 2009: Pavement Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2008: Sejal Encasa, Mumbai.
2008: Moksh Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008: D. D. Neroy Art Gallery, The Divine Two Women Show, Mumbai

(All India Level, Jain Vishwa Bharti) 2003: Visarjan
2004: Swasth Pariwar
2005: Jainatva Chitra 2009: Save Girl Child

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