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Ram Kharatmal

Artist Ram Kharatmal

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Ramchandra Kharatmal is a winner of the prestigious National Lalit Kala Award, has also received Maharashtra State art Award and various awards on a national level. He has participated in 29 group shows in India and Abroad and in several national and international art exhibitions, and has three successful solo shows to his credit. He has been part of 18 national art camps and has given demonstrations in national-level art collages and art programs. He has received 2 years National Scholarship of PPIF (Poorna Prajna Institute of Fine Art, Mumbai). He is a native of Solapur and presently residing in Pune. While looking at his paintings you realize, the warmth of the quilt elaborates tender illusion… and the intermingling of colors along with the past memories, are the features of his paintings. Rhythmic shapes and figures and splendid interwoven colors, denoting the past are the features of a quilt that entangled our mind with golden memories… Ramchndara beautifully blossoms these quilts in the contemporary form and makes them perpetual on the canvas with the same warmth and memories, when we look at his paintings, they eternally influence us! This beautifully blossoming quilt in the traditionally retained form and yet contemporary is the content of Ramchandra’s paintings

Focus Areas: Woman, Figuratives, etc.

Artworks by Ram Kharatmal

About Ram Kharatmal

A.T.D., GD Art (Painting), Dip.A.Ed, M.F.A.(Painting)

2017 – “Samvaad-2” The Renaissance Art Studio, Pune.
2016 – Darpan art gallery, Pune org. by pandit satvalekar prathishtan pune.
2013 – “Samvaad-2” The Renaissance Art Studio, Pune.
2004 – Bless Art Gallery Pune.

2020 – “Contemplative 24×7”, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.
2018 – “Fabulous 15” Gallery G Bangalore.
2018 – Taj Hotels Resorts and palaces, Bangalore. Org. Rotary club of Bangalore.
2017 – “Pune Binale” The Renaissance art studio pune.
2017 – “Rupankar” Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal.
2016- Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.
2015- Jahangir Art Gallery,Mumbai.
2014- Dubai.
2014- Thane Kala Bhawan, Thane.
2013 – Lakeer Art At AAF,Singapore.
2013- Tandem, Ayatana Art Gallery, Pune.
2012- Gallery-G, Taj hotel, Bangalore.
2012- The Renaissance Art Studio Pune.
2011 – 5 stroke, Jahangir art Gallery, Mumbai.
2010 – 4 Side Nehru Center (A/C), Mumbai.
2009 – Artmosaic Gallery, Singapore.
2009 – Art2day Gallery, Pune
2009 – Group Show, AT Kala Bhavan, Thane.
2008 – Group Show, at Artist Center, Mumbai.
2008 – “Mother and Child “Arvee Art Gallery, Pune.
2008 – “Touch to” Art Entrance Gallery, Mumbai.
2007 – Nitai Gaura’s Art Gallery, Thane,
2007 – “Tatva’07” State Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2007 – “9 Expressions” Karnataka Chitrakala Prishath, Bangalore
2007 – Aab Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai.
2006 – “Aalekhya” Art2Day Gallery, Pune.
2006 – 14th Punekar, Birla Academy, Kolkata
2005 – Chembur Golf Club, Org.- World Pallet Gallery, Mumbai.
2003 – Manthan Group show, Pune

2018 –9th International Online Annual Art Competition, Certificate of Honour Top 50 world Artist, Org. Bindaas Artist Group, New Delhi.
2016 – Pandit Satvalekar Purskar, Pandit Satavlekar Pratishtan, Pune.
2012 – “Kalanidhi” Puraskar, Ravsaheb Guarav Art Foundation, Pune.
2012 – Sant kakaya Rathna Purshkar, Solapur Corporation, Solapur.
2008 – All India Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai.
2008 – 88th All Indian Drama Gathering & Rampure art akanami, Solapur.
2007 -The Art Society of India 89th Annual Art Exhibition, Mumbai.
2006 – 48TH Indian National Exhibition of Art (LALITKALA AKADAMI) NEW DELHI. (NATIONAL AWARD)
2006 – State Government Art Exhibition, Maharashtra State, Mumbai (STATE AWARD)
2006 – 01 19th All India Art Exhibition, Br. V.V. Oak, Tilak Smarak Trust, Pune.
2005 – 5th Prize – All India Art Exhibition Atur Art Foundation, Pune.
2003 – All India Art Exhibition, Surabhi Kalarant Puraskar, Manav Sansadhan Kendra, Aurangabad.
1999 – 2nd Prize – State Level Painting Competition, Samaj Kalyan Kendra Satara.
1999 – 1st Prize – Annual Exhibition, Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Satara.

2019- ‘Kharicha Vata” A Charity Group Show, Balgandhrva Art Gallery, Pune.
2019- ‘Venus art Fest,’Bal Gandharva Art Gallery, Pune. Org. Venus Trders & Art2Day gallery Pune.
2019- ‘Smart Pune’, Org. PMC pune.
2019- ’45 artist pune’, Venus Art Fest, Balgandhrav Pune.
2018- Indian art festival, Org. Artzolo art gallery Mumbai
2016- 2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennale,Tirane, Albania.
2016- Indian art festival, Org. Artzolo art gallery Mumbai
2016-07- 06-019 – All India Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai.
2016- Raman Rathi Art Foundation, Pune.
2015- Aasha, Darpan Art Gallery, Pune.
2015- Annapurna Yojana For Helpless Senior Citizen By Lokmangal Foudation At Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2015- Maharashtra culture society, Chicago.
2015- Fabriano in Acquarello, Fabriano in Water colour. Italy.
2014- Annual Art Exhibition, Visvakarama institute of Fine Art, Pune.
2014- 15th Master of Art, By Let Art Work, Pune.
2013- Art Rhythm, org. Venus Traders, Darpan Art Gallery, Pune.
2013- Glimrses, Ayatana Art Gallery, Pune.
2013 -2017 – Pune Biennale.
2014-013-012-011-010-009-008-007 – “Art Fusion Show” Nehru Center, Mumbai.
2008 – 50th Indian National Exhibition of Art (LALITKALA AKADAMI), Chandigarh.
2007 – 49th Indian National Exhibition of Art (LALITKALA AKADAMI), Bhopal.
2006 – 48TH Indian National Exhibition of Art (LALITKALA AKADAMI), Mumbai.
2007-06 – Art For Concern “Monsoon show” Mumbai.
2007 – “Cancer Society of India” Cimrosa Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2006-07 46th State Art Exhibition, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.
2003 – All India Art Exhibition, Kavi Kalidas Academy, Ujjain.
2003 – All India Art Exhibition, Kala Kayank Prayash, Jharkhand.
2002 -03 -All India Art Exhibition, Tsmia Art Group, Gulbarga [Karnataka].
2000 – All India Art Exhibition Atul Art Foundation, Pune.
1999-02-06All India Art Exhibition, South Central Culture Zone, Nagpur.

2020- ‘Online Artist Studio Art Camp’, Org. Mr. Pandit & Art2Day gallery Pune.
2019- ‘Pratham’, Hina Bhatt Art Ventures, Chinmaya vibhuti Paud, Pune.
2019- ‘Adi Shankra Chrya’ Bhopal.
2019- ‘Vanjan Kalasangam Shivir’, at Amarkantak, Org, Kalidas Academy, Ujjayn.
2019- ‘Portrait Painting art camp’, Sanskutik Kumb Mela, At Pryagraj. Org. Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi.
2018- ‘ Mahatma Gandhi’,Art camp,Organisation: West cultural central Zone, Udaypur & SGVP Ahmedabad .
2015- Painting Workshop Based on Gallant Stories of Indian Soldiers in WW1, Manekshaw Convention Center, Delhi Cantt.
2014- National Award Winner Painter’s Art Camp, L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Center, Ahmedabad, West Zone Cultural Center Udaipur.
2013- Valor Memorial, Swaraj Sansthan Sanchanalaya, Bhopal.
2012 – National Artists Camp, Org. Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi, Department of Culture, Odisha.
2012 – National Art Festival In Shjllong (Meghalaya) Org. Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi.
2012- “Young Artist Camp”, Org. Art2Day Gallery, Pune.
2011 – “National Artist Tour camp” Goa .
2010 – “National Art camp” Lalit Kala Academy Chennai At Pune.
2009 – “National Art camp” Late. Mr. Halbhave School of art, Dharwad, Karnataka.
2008- “International Artist Camp, Org. Mystic Village, Pune. At Paud, Pune.
2008- “Basava Art Camp” Bellad Education & Agricultural Trust, Dharwad, Karnataka.
2008- “Black White camp” Bharthi Kala Mahavidaylay, Walchind Nagare, Pune.
2007- “Young Artist Camp”, Org. Art2Day Gallery, Pune. At Pathershet, Pune.
2007- “Colour’s of Freedom”, Org. Pune City District Congress Committee & Art2Day Gallery, Pune.
2007 – Sanskar Bharthi Pune. Landscape Workshop at Bhor.
2000 – Bhawani Museum Aundh, Satara.
2004 – Sahyadri School, J. Krushnamurti Foundation, India.
2004 – Sanskar Bharati, Mumbai, Landscape work-shop, at Nashik.

Hon. Sushilkumar Shinde Amrutmohosv 2016, Solapur.(live Portrait)
Chitrlilaniketan Kala Mhavidaylaya, Nashik.(Composition)
Barti kala mahavidaylaya, walchandnagar, Pune. (Composition)
Rajaram Patil Chirakala mahavidaylay, Islampur, Sangali. (Composition)
The Pandharpur urban bank Ltd. Pandharpur. (Composition)
Rang Bahar, Bhima Festival,Connect Art, Kolhapur. (Composition)
Global Art Foundation, Mysor ( Karnataka)
Tulshi Kal Academy, Bal Gandharv kal dalan , Pune. (Composition)
Bhartiya Chitra Kala Mahavidylaya, Jnakshan, Indapur, Pune. (Composition)
Kala mandal, Dharwad (Karnatak)( live Portrait)
Art2day Gallery, Pune.( live Portrait)
”Late. Mr.& Mrs. Nag art festival & Ishany moll, pune. (Composition)
”Kala Mahavidaylay Satara, Satara.( live Portrait)
”Sai chirakal mahavidaylay, Pune. (Composition)
”Rang varsha ,” taun hall, Kolapur.( live Portrait)
”Chira – kavhay “ Mulund , Mumbai.( live Portrait)
Kala viswa Chitrkala mhavidaylay, Sangali. (Composition)
57 State art exhibition , student category , Dhule. (Composition) And many more…

PPIF Foundation of India Scholarship of artist in Residence, Mumbai.

“Sawarkar Smarak” Solapur
“Dr. Ambedkar smark” Pune.
”Rani Laxmibai” Solapur.
”Vasudev balvinth Phadke Smark” C.I.D. Office Pune.
”Datha Mindir Savedi at Amahdnagr. Two Big Murals in Marbal.
”Conxe” Motor Design Co. Pune.
”Pride of Solapur” Solapur Govt. rest house, Solapur.
And many more…|
I visualize & do the concept drawing of all the Sculptures & Murals.
“ Dr. Dwarkanath Kotanis Smarak” Solapur. Canvas Painting 9’x46’.

”Indian miniature painting “method and technique to learn by Dr. Shreekant
Prdhan at pune.
”Professional work Of Maharshatra miniature painting Restoration At Menawali (Nana Phadnvis wada) Wai-SATARA (2010)

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