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Ramesh Thorat

Artist Ramesh Thorat

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2021

“It is more important to ‘read’ a painting, rather than merely ‘see’ it.”In my paintings I have depicted the deeply rooted symbols and techniques of spirituality which is very powerful, hidden and the silent mood of texture and formed space. The qualities gained from the elemental lines can be related to various moods thus the painting talks to those who are good observers, its takes us to heaven, inner heaven, inner Space of who they seek. I always work using oil colours which have been used in this one too. I created my own brushes to match my expectations and to get the right textures I wanted, which has been a great help to make it more attractive… My works were mostly “UNTITLED “. I didn’t want to condition people to view the painting in a particular way by giving them a TITLE.

Focus Areas: Spiritual

Artworks by Ramesh Thorat

About Ramesh Thorat


Diploma in Drawing and Painting.
Kala sager Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune (Maharashtra) AWARDS
Government of Maharashtra – State Award –2013
Artist of the year Award 2012– by International Art Family magazine
State Award – Pune Festival 2010.
Bombay Art Society – National Award 2008
Chitari Academy of Fine Art State Award -2006
Mood Indigo – National Award 1985
Miss Elizabeth Smith -1984, 1985
Camlin Foundation -1979

Tilting Art Gallery – Jan.2020
Jehangir Art Gallry, Mumbai – Nov.2017
Ayatana Art Gallery Pune – Oct. 2013
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – Dec.2012.
Ark Art Gallery – Sept.2011
Nehru Center A/c Art Gallery – Mumbai- May 2011
Tilting Art Gallery – Dec.2010
Tradition Art Gallery –Mumbai, – April 2009
Sanskriti Art Gallery –Nov.2008
Ray Art Gallery – Sept 2007
Sanskriti Art Gallery – May 2007
Pro Shop Golf Course PCL Ltd. – Dec.2005
Malaca spice Art Gallery – 2005


61st National Exhibition of Art- Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi, 2019-2020 (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
“Vatta Kharicha” Group Show for Flood victim at Balgandharva Pune- 2019
“The mind of Artist” Group show at Conrad pune – June 2019
60th National Exhibition of Art- Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi, 2018-2019 (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
India Art Festival, Mumbai Jan.2019- Studio seven (Delhi)
Live Auction organized by L.L.L.L. Charity Foundation at Conrad Hotel Pune -29th Sept.2018
Creativity -2K18 – All India Artists Group Show at Tilting Art Gallery –May 2018
Janiv-2017 Charity Show by Art Beats Foundation at Balgandharv Pune.
“Abstraction” The Contemporary Art Exhibition, by Ishanya – Aug.2017
17.7.17 Contemporary Art Exhibition by Nav Siddhartha Art Group-Aug.2017
(Garhi Art Gallery-Delhi-17th to 23rd July, Tilting Art Gallery- 8th to 14th July and
Artspace Ajitgarh – Mohali – 30th Sept. to 2nd Oct.2017)
National Group Show “Unification” organized by Tilting Art Gallery – April 2017
National Group show organized by Zenith Art at Jehangir Art Gallery – Feb.2017 International Group Show “Master’s Strokes” organized by Tilting Art Gallery -2016
Participated in India Art Festival, Mumbai with Artequest Art Gallery – 2016
National Group Show Organized by The Art Hub worli Mumbai -2016
National Show 16 06 16 organized by Nav Siddhartha Group Delhi – 2016
National Show 18 x 18:18 at Aiarawat Art Gallery Mumabi – March 2016
Invited for “Aasha” For Nepal Earthquake Aid at Darpan Art Gallery-July 2015
Lokmangale Foundation Art Exhibition for Help at Jehangir Art Gallery-July 2015
National Show Cymroza & Artequest Gallery – July 2015
ContempoRare 2015, National Group Show at Tilting Art Gallery – June 2015
The 377191 Wall, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai – May 2015
28th National Exhibition of SCZCC–Nagpur (Senior Category) April 2015 (Ministry of Culture, Government of India)

“RHAPSODY 2015”-Charity Show Mumbai – Save the Children India-Feb.2015
Participated in Pune Biennale – Feb.2015
Participated in Art Summit, Jaipur with ICAC – 2014
Participated in India Art Festival, Mumbai with Studio Seven – Nov.2014
Participated in Intex Festival, with ICAC at BKC Mumbai, 2014
Participated in an Art Auction held at The Hotel Westin – 20th Sept.2014
20th IndianOil Art Exhibition – Mumbai – Aug.2014
55th National Exhibition of Art- Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi, 2013-2014 (Ministry of Culture, Government of India)
National Show – CKP Bangalore – Feb.2014
Art Gate Gallery Mumbai – National show – Nov.2013
Aura Art Gallery Mumbai – Annual show at Jehangir Art Gallery – Oct.2013
National Show – LKA Delhi & Nav Siddhartha for Uttarakhand Relief Fund – July 2013
Genesis Art Gallery – Bangalore, National Show. March 2013
53rd Govt. of Maha. kala Sanchanalya Exhibition – 2013 (Award)
95th The Art Soc. of India National Exhibition – 2012
Participated in International Group Show at Birla Art Academy Kolkata Dec.2012
54th National Exhibition of Art- Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi, 2012-2013 (Ministry of Culture, Government of India)
J S Art Gallery Mumbai, National Show – Nov – 2012
National Show – AKS Art Gallery, Mumbai – Oct. 2012
National Show – State Art Gallery, Hyderabad – June 2012.
“Visual Polyphony” – National Show Cymroza & Artequest Gallery – March 2012
“Ambience” National Charity Show – Airaawat Art Gallery – Mumbai -March 2012.
International show – Muse Art Gallery – Dehradun – March 2012
International Mask Show –Modern Art Gallery – Bhopal-March.2012
International Mask Show – Urban Art – Noida –Feb.2012
National Show – Aparna kaur Art Gallery Delhi – Feb.2012
International Show –Lucknow LKA – Jan. 2012
International Mask Exhibition – 4th Contemporary Miniature – Delhi – Jan.2012
Participated in India Art Festival with Artequest Art Gallery – Mumbai –Nov.2011
Charity National at – Ark Art Gallery- Nov.2011.
National Show – Ark Art Gallery – Nov.2011
Charity National Show-P.L.Deshpande Maha. Kala Academy, Mumbai – April 2011
National Show – Jaipur, April 2011
National show – Ruchikas Art Gallery, Goa – April.2011
Sahyadri lalit kala Pune – Golden Jubilee Maharashtra – 2011
National show – Cancer Aid & Research Foundation & Airaawat Gallery Mumbai – March 2011
National Show – LKA Assam – Nov.2010 (Srimanta Shankardeva kalashetra)
Ruchikas Art Gallery – Goa May 2010. (Two man Show)
Club Solaris – 2010. (Three man Show)
Museum Art Gallery – National show 2010.
Pink Ginger Art Gallery – Annual show – Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai -2010
National Show – Fusion Arts Foundation Delhi at CKP-Bangalore – Feb 2010
National Show organized by Pink Ginger Art Gallery- Mumbai – Jan 2010,
Studio Napean ,National Group Show – Mumbai Nov 2009
Participated M.T.D.C – Ganesh Festival 2009 (State Level).
Artist Center Mumbai– 10th Annual Show Mumbai 2009
BAS -Award Winners show by SLK Foundation – CKP Bangalore – March 2009
Rimari Art Gallery- National show – 2008, 2009
Bombay Art Society 2007, 2008 (Award) , 2009, 2013, 2014
Art Society of India, Mumbai – 2007, 2013
Govt. of Maha. Exhibitions in Jehangir Art Gallery – 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014
Chitari Academy of Fine Art – 2005, 2006 (Award), 2007
Mercedes Benz Show 2007 (Millennium Motor P. Ltd.)
The Art Entrance – Mumbai, Dec 2007 (Three man Show)
The Society of Indian Marin Artist 2005, 2006, 2007
Participated in Youth Festival – Jalgaon 1984


Online workshop- Covid19 Nav siddharth Group Delhi
24th International kalaparva Ujjain 2019
All India Artist Camp – Creativity-2K18 at Creaticity Pune – April 2018
National Art Camp – Fusion Art Foundation & Achal Charitable Trust Delhi – Jan.2018
National Art Camp –Fusion Art Foundation & Achal Charitable Trust at Reshikesh (UK) -2016
National Art Camp – Organized by Abhivyanjana and Uttarakand Govt. at Mussoorie -2016
National Art Camp – Organized by South Western Railway & Aley Hut Bengaluru – April 2016
National Art Camp – organized by Zenith Arts at Rishikesh – Oct.2015
National Art Camp – Organized by Zenith Arts, Delhi – April 2015 at Dhanaulti.
National Art Camp –Senior, ICAC – Jan.2015
National Art Camp – Kalavart Foundation, Ujjan – Dec.2014
National Art Camp – International Creative Art Center – Jan.2014 at Nagothane
National Art Camp – Fusion Art Foundation & Achal Charitable Trust Delhi -2013
National Art camp – The International Center Goa. – Sept.2011
Karnataka Urdu Academy National Camp – Bangalore 2009
SIMA Group 2006 – 2007 – 2010
Tilting Art Gallery – Workshop Dec 2010.

Others Achievements:

24th International kalaparva, Rashtiriy kala Kdustubh sanman – Ujjain 2019
Bombay Art Society – Committee Member (Programme)
Jury for 32nd All India V. V. Oak, Art Exhibition 2019
Publication Lexicon Collection – 101 Contemporary Indian Artists Vol. One – 2011
Publication Sahyadri lalit kala – Golden Jubilee Maharashtra – 2011
Jury for 4th National Show of Royal Art Academy, Karnataka
Demonstration for SIMA –Balgandharva Kaladalan Pune – March. 2011


Art Journal Magazine – Jan.2019 – vol.22
Architectural and Interiors Reflection –Dec.2015 Magazine
Art Family-an international Research Journal of Art and Aesthetics vol-I –Jan to July 2012
Art Journal Mumbai Review – vol.10 – 2012
Lexicon collections Delhi 2011


Many corporate, private collections in India & Abroad


Bombay Art Society, Mumbai
The Art Society of India, Mumbai
The Artists Centre, Mumbai
Fusion Arts Foundation Delhi – Founder Member
The society of Indian Marine Artists, Pune
Chitari Academy of fine Arts, Pune

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