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Ramu Das

Artist Ramu Das

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

I am Ramu Das, I am an artist and I mainly focus a painting. I presently line in Santiniketan where from I pursue my artistic goals from own studio as an art aspirant, I did my BFA from Visva-Bharati, Kala Bhavana 2005 and passed MFA in 2007 from there. I also did a special certificate course in textile design from Visva-bharati kala Bhavana. The prime themes that I recurrently shape my paintings with cover a diverse range and those themes are present day political scenarios social standard and circumstances, sexuality, gender bias, gender discrimination, symbolism, spirituality and so on. I accomplish my paintings through acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, sculpture mural etc. to give concrete exposure to my artistic self. I always believe in creation meaningful connection and interaction between rural and contemporary artist. A also give immense importance in developing interctionship among artist from different geographical location having varied social, religious and cultural perspectives. I cherish in my deepest core of heart for a chance where I can blend contemporary art ideas with traditional materials and emerging technique so that it could connect artist to the global art seniors. Furthermore it has always been my not to faster collaboration, encourage experimental exchange and dialogs among practicing and emerging artiest. As an art enthusiast and activist I did many group shows and solo shows and took part actively in several workshop.

Focus Areas: Figures, Animals, etc.

Artworks by Ramu Das

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