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Raosaheb Gurav

Raosaheb Gurav

Joined Craft Tatva: Spetember 2022

As an artist I like to capture a beautiful and positive emotion that lies in every being. I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes, rather with careful colorful strokes I’d like to add fun in each of my work. I also believe different objects (living/non living) help me add the emotion and message I intend to convey. It’s like a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Each canvas has an insightful story to tell.

Focus Areas: Figures

Artworks by Raosaheb Gurav

About Raosaheb Gurav

An artist born in a small village like Shirol in Kolhapur district has proved that the sky is the limit for everyone on the earth. If an artist looks at the horizon to achieve the ultimate proficiency, he reaches such a height that the whole worl d has to raise their heads up to look at him. And Raosaheb Gurav is the true example of it.

He completed his diploma in Fine Arts from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune in 1970 and thereafter he became an Art master. He worked as a Master of Fine Arts in the same institute and after 40 years’ of service, he retired as a Principal of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pashan .
He was born in the nature and brought up with the nature. So he has got much unpolluted perspective to look at the nature which is reflected in his water-colour paintings. His landscape paintings and human life seen in his paintings is like original melodies of nature. For the same reason his series of the paintings in the theme ‘Dhangar’ (i.e. shepherd) has been appreciated all over the world. As a result one of his paintings of a shepherd was selected as cover page of the book “Delhi” written by Khushwant Singh which is published by French publication. One painting of this series was also selected by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, for their Annual exhibition which is supposed to be very prestigious exhibition.

This Dhangar series of paintings explores a very intimate relationship between the artist and the subject. Raosaheb Gurav portrays all the characteristics of the Dhangar living with nature, their sensitivity, kindness, strength and life style. These paintings are solace especially for the Art lovers of Metro cities—crowded, polluted and who have lost the purity of nature. He has also expressed himself through abstract brushwork done in oils. He excels in all the aspects of art- delicate and complex colour combinations, well integrated compositions. His work has been exhibited through one man shows held in various cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ujjain, and Paithan quite frequently.

From 1968 consistently he has kept on participating in many important and prominent group shows and his work has being appreciated all over India as well as rest of the world also. He has been a member of group shows held at Lalit kala Art Gallery, New Delhi, Jehangir Art gallery- Mumbai, Bal Gandharv Art gallery-Pune, National Kala Mela at Delhi, Mumbai and Madras, so on and so forth.

He has been an eminent participant in various exhibitions like State Art exhibition, Mumbai, Indian Fine Art and Craft society, Hyderabad Art society, Tias group of artists, Hoshiarpur, and many more.
This is the right time and place to mention of countless awards and prizes he has been honored by. Among many awards we must remember the Maharashtra State Award of 2001 for Best Artist and Art Teacher. He has also received first prize for water color landscape and pencil sketching in different events. He won the Kalidas award at Ujjain in 1987 as well as he was bestowed by TIAS award for water color landscape in 1987 only. He was honored by Bombay Art Society by offering him life membership.
His work is represented in number of collections in the country as well as out of country like U.S.A., France, England, Africa and Japan of Water Colour and also Oil Colour. Raosaheb is not satisfied only with his success. He has not forgotten his difficult days of struggle and hence he wishes to give a helping hand to younger artists who come from rural areas and are facing many problems. With the passion and devotion to the art he has created a platform for the artists. He has constructed a permanent studio and residing place for artists to stay and practice nearby Pune.

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