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Ravindra Mahale

Artist Ravindra Mahale

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

I am an artist. The world is my canvas and as I paint, the mixture of diverse tones and colours on my pallet of intellect illustrate the passion within my pieces of art. Being a good observer, I capture things on the canvas and my brushstroke do all the magic for me. My paintings are mostly inclined towards realistic but my strokes gives a new form on the canvas.Imagery is beautiful but realistic is very tough whether in Art or in Life. I don’t live in imagining unrealistic things, I live in reality where I have this dream of showing my pieces of art to the entire nation one day. I was born in Bhusaval, Maharashtra on 12th January 1981, and have a degree in textile design-SSVP's School of art Dhule, Maharastra. Being a Keen observer,have always been inclined towards capturing the moments forever through my paintings. I started using watercolour in last 7-8 years and the more I painted , the more I fell in love with the medium due to its amazing quality of rapid execution.it lows as rapid as my emotions . the way the pigment responds on paper to my personal emotional response, It is as direct of a medium as can be..

Focus Areas: Village, Landscape, etc.

Artworks by Ravindra Mahale

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