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Ritesh Bhoi

Artist Ritesh Bhoi

Joined Craft Tatva: April 2022

Conflict thrives in the works of Mumbai based artist Ritesh Bhoi, how-ever it is intrinsic and heavily layered. There is an allusion to a piscine muse in his works and it seems to be more than mere mythological or religious parallels which are the often chosen paths by several art practitioners. However, Ritesh takes his family occupation of generations more as a point of departure rather than glorifying the influence of its econom-ic, social and cultural interconnections within fishing communities. As a result, this radical change in addressal of a protagonist ‘fish’ form appears more autobiographical in nature, instead of a detached ob-ject open to interpretation. The fish becomes the story teller of the art-ist’s life, struggles, observations, opinions and endurances. It also be-comes a mirror in the most distorted of ways as the artist silently en-dures prejudices against his vitiligo condition in a society and world obsessed with the hierarchies of skin colour. Without being disheart-ened by the reactions of society, he chooses to incorporate it into his work as a stimulus for his heavily textured works. The textured portions in the works allude to white spots on his own skin, creating a meta-phor of visual contestation.

Focus Areas: Abstracts

Artworks by Ritesh Bhoi

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