Original Paintings

Sachin Upadhye

Artist Sachin Upadhye

Joined Craft Tatva: April 2023

Sachin Upadhye did his academics in mechanical engineering. His profession is that of manufacturing the canvas required by painters. His company 'Mona Lisa fine Art Products' is the only canvas manufacturing unit in southern India. But this is not the only identity of Sachin or his relationship to the canvas. Sachin is a self-taught artist and photographer. He has not learned painting or photography from any institute nor does he hold any degree from any art college, but his achievement in painting is mind-boggling. Certainly, Sachin has a very extraordinary career graph in art. Sachin has developed his own identity at Knife Painting which reflects his originality. His paintings display a freely used color palette in a range of different hues. His paintings are an expression of fabulous artwork having forceful strokes, confident lines, and thoughtful yet impressive color combinations. He makes his paintings from start to finish uninterrupted. Though manufacturing canvas is Sachin's business, his steady advancement in the world of creativity and his love for art & photography is his main stay for life, says he.

Focus Areas: Figures, Nude, etc.

Artworks by Sachin Upadhye

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