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Sandesh Khule

Artist Sandesh Khule

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2021

My painting has a spiritual dimension in its purest sense. I searched of infinity, enlightenment & awakening to the true nature of beauty. My paintings took shape from this personal knowledge of this reality

Focus Areas: Spiritual,Abstracts, etc.

Artworks by Sandesh Khule

About Sandesh Khule


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art (1st class) in 2004 from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, specialization in portrait.


2017-2019- Junior Fellowship for Visual art Ministry of Culture (CCRT), Govt. of India.


2008-2010- Young Artist Scholarships Visual art Ministry of Culture (CCRT), Govt. of India.
2006-2007- Research Grant Scholarships, Lalit Kala Akademi, Ministry of Culture Govt. of India, New Delhi, at Lalit Kala Akademi, Regional Center, Chennai.


2014- 54th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition by the Government of Maharashtra, India.
2012- “BEST ABSTRACT PAINTING” Category in Bombay Art Society 120th All India Exhibition 2012, Mumbai.
2006- V. V. Oak, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
2005- CKP Club, Khar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
2004- National Winner of Camlin Europe Art tour, Visit to the Galleries of London & Paris.
2004- V. V. Oak, Pune, Maharashtra, Maharashtra, India.
2004- Sai Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya Exhibition, On the spot Landscape Competition,Pune, Maharashtra, India.
2004- Kalasagar Kala Exhibition, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
2004- Chitari Academy of Fine Art, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
2003- Camlin art foundation, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
2003- Nashik Kala Niketan, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.
2002- Pullaih Kala Nilayam, Hyderabad, India, (Portrait – Gold Medal)
2002- On the spot landscape competition, Satara, Maharashtra, India.
2002- On the spot landscape competition, Savarde, Maharashtra, India.
2001- Acron Painting contest, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Exhibitions held / Participated:

One Man Show:

2019- Gallery Art & Soul Presents, ‘KINETIC COLOUR WHEEL”, Curated by Prabhakar Kamble, Mumbai.
2018- ART2DAY Gallery Presents, ‘Primeval Epiphany”, Pune.
2017- ‘The Pursuit of Energy’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2017- Metta Contemporary Art Gallery Presents, ‘The Pursuit of Energy’ Mumbai.
2012- ‘Black & White’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008- ‘Between C and P’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Group Shows:

2020- Gallery Kolkata Present, “Chirantan”, Kolkata.
2020- Gallery Nvya Present, “Within Reach- XI”, New Delhi.
2018- Tao Art Gallery Presents, “No Corners” 18th Anniversary Show, Mumbai.
2018- Gallery Art Zolo Presents, at India Art Festival, Mumbai.
2017- Gallery Art Zolo Presents, at India Art Festival, New Delhi.
2017- Bindu Matra Presents, at J. L. R. Showroom, Mumbai.
2016- Gallery Art Vista Presents, ‘Vermilion’ at The Bombay Art Society Art Gallery, Mumbai
2016- Airawat Art Gallery, Mumbai. Presents 18 x 18 :18.
2015- Po10tial Presents ‘Black & White’ at Artists Centre, Mumbai.
2015- Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai Presents, ‘Varied Hues’ Curated by Varsha Karale.
2015- Tilting Art Gallery, Pune. Presents ‘National Exhibition of Contemporary Art’.
2015- Beyond Art Gallery, Mumbai, Presents ‘The 377191 Wall’.
2014- Po10tial Presents at Art Gate Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2014- ‘Pune Art Bennale- 2014’, Pune.
2013- Nehru Center presents the Art Fusion Show 2013, Mumbai.
2013- Indian Oil presents the 19th Indian Oil Art Exhibition for the Love of Art, Mumbai.
2012- Aks Art Gallery, Presents Celebrating 65 years of Independence with 35 Artists, Curated by Niten Jadia.
2012- Art Family 5 present ‘Life on Wall’ an International art show at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata.
2011- ‘Transitions’ at Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2011- “Golden Jublee Year of Maharashtra” at New Art Gallery, Pune
2011- ‘Nostalgia II’ organized by Ruchika’s Art Gallery, Goa.
2011, 2009, 2006, 2005 & 2004 – Chatak Monsoon Show, Nehru Center, Mumbai.
2011, 2010 – “Colours Changing Hue- Series I”, Camlin Ltd. At Jahangir Art gallery, Mumbai.
2010- ‘Ganesha’ Airawat Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2009- ‘Rave Jain annual’ organized by Dhoomimal Art Gallery,
2006- Virgo Art Gallery Presents, at college of Art & Craft, Patna.
2005- Pune Art Festival, Pune
2005- Young Art Exhibition organized by Waves Art Gallery, Pune
2005- Monsoon Show organized by Chitari Academy, Pune.
2005- Waves Art Gallery, Pune.
2005- Sudarshan Art Gallery, Pune.
2004- P.L. Deshpande Kala Academy Monsoon Show, Mumbai.
2003- Balgandhrva Art Gallery, Pune.
2003- Nehru Memorial Art Gallery, Pune.

Participation (India):

2020- 61st National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
2016, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009- Maharashtra State Art Exhibitions, Mumbai, India.
2014- Regional Art Exhibition, LALIT KALA AKADEMI, Chennai, India.
2014, 2013, 2012- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, India.
2014, 2006- The Art society of India, Mumbai, India.
2012- AIFACS, Art Exhibitions, New Delhi, India.
2010- 12th All India Exhibition, state Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow, India.
2010, 2004, 2003 & 2002- Camlin Art Foundation, Mumbai, India.
2009- Nag Foundation Art Show, Pune, India.
2008- 50th National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigad.
2006, 2004, 2003 & 2002- Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition, Pune, India.
2004, 2003 & 2001- Chitari Art Foundation, Pune, India.
2003, 2002- South Central Zone, Nagpur, India.
2003- AIFACS, Mumbai, India.
2003- Gulburga Academic of Fine Art, Karnataka, India.
2003 & 2002- Manav Sanket Academy, Ujjain, India.
2003 & 2002- Kalavart Nyas, Ujjain, India.
2002- Kalankan Prayas, Zarkhand, India.

Charity Show:

2020- ‘Khushii’ presents “Relif Fund in Support of COVID-19”, New Delhi.
2018- ‘Khushii’ presents “The Art Stories”, New Delhi.
2018- ‘Edelweiss Palette’18’ New Delhi.
2017- ‘Cry’ Presents ‘Come Share my World’ at Mumbai.
2015- ‘Lokmangal’ Annapurna Yojana for Helpless Senior Citizens at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2011- “Art of Living” for Cancer Aids & Research Foundation in association with Aairawat Art Gallery Presents at Coomaraswamy Gallery, Mumbai.
2011- CPAA’S Art Exhibition “Colours of Life” at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2009- For Samavedana trust of Sahyadri hospital, Pune.

Participation (Abroad):

2007- Exhibition of the mini print international of Cadaques, Spain, France & England.

Art Camps:

2020- ‘Thane Art Festival’, Thane.
2017- ‘Art Heart’ at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolvan, Maharashtra.
2016- ‘Camlin Draws for Drought’ at Mumbai.
2015- ‘Confluence- 15’ at Rishikesh.
2013- Fourth Dimension Connoisseur of Art, Nagothane, Maharashtra.
2013- Deeds Art Camp at Mulashi. India.
2012- 55th AVENUE ART GALLERY Mumbai is organizing “NATIONAL PAINTER CAMP”, Goa.
2011- Income Tax Department, Pune is organizing ‘Building the Nation Through Income Tax’, Pune.

Visited Countries:

Visit to the Galleries of London & Paris.


May Privet Collections of India and abroad.

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