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Sandip Prajapati

Artist Sandip Prajapati

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Sandip Prajapati Born in Patan city of Gujarat in 1996. He has been surrounded and involved in the arts since his birth. His work represents cultural heritage. In 2014 he moved from Patan to Ahmedabad for pursuing Architecture. Ahmedabad itself is a city with its culture and heritage, having a UNESCO heritage site. During these years he has done many experimental works with varied types of mediums in his art and has exhibited them in India. As he is greatly influenced by architectural patterns and character; it is constantly delivered through his works. Also, he conducted his 1st Solo Painting Exhibition in an Art Gallery of Ahmedabad city in 2019. After this exhibition, he got many opportunities to display his paintings and successfully participated in many exhibitions.

Focus Areas: Ahmedabad Heritage Painting, Pol house, Architectural Space, Lifestyle, Landscapes, etc.

Artworks by Sandip Prajapati

About Sandip Prajapati

Artist Statement:

I belong to an ancient city of art and culture. My interest in art and its depictions has been inculcated since childhood as I was constantly surrounded by mesmerizing works of art and the cultural lifestyle of Gujarat. My work is inspired by architectural space, which has narrow streets leading to the different ‘pols’ that are a type of residential dwellings. They have a varied type of Havelis with detailed carvings and are connected to houses. Such narrow streets housing then creates shadow between houses where community activities take place. I have been truly fascinated by the cultural heritage around me.

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