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Sanjay Kumar Srivastav

Artist Sanjay Kumar Srivastav

Joined Craft Tatva: November 2021

Born in 1961, I started painting since childhood around at the age of eight. My father was the only person who supported me by all means and guided me to the world of art.I had always shown interest in artistic expression and activities instead of academic career.Therefore my father realized that painting is what I'll do best! I have a Masters degree in fine arts from Agra university and a diploma in fine arts from Allahabad university. After doing masters , I joined research on subject concerned with mental therapy trough different experiments with the resonance of colour. Later I couldn’t continue due my struggle for existence. I wished to find out the various aspects and impacts of colours on mentally retarded children and physical disorders related to mind of human beings. I have had a number of solo as well as group shows across the country.

Focus Areas: Figures, Gods, etc.

Artworks by Sanjay Kumar Srivastav

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