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Santosh Rathod

Artist Santosh Rathod

Joined Craft Tatva: May 2022

My works are a spontaneous process and layering of surfaces one over the other and I start a work exploring with the language of abstraction. My works are my personal experiences and reactions to the continuous social happenings around my. The social issues which may not be acceptable by the viewer, I simply layers them aesthetically with this due respect for not hurting anyone’s sentiments. The layers are my personal reactions with particular names or symbols or images which I hide underneath by scratching, scribbling layering with tissue or by drawing. On the whole at that moment that space is very big for me.

Focus Areas: Abstracts

Artworks by Santosh Rathod

About Santosh Rathod


• MFA – M. M. K. College of visual art Gulbarga Karnataka (2001).
• BFA – M. M. K. College of visual art Gulbarga Karnataka (2003).


• Group show at Lalit Kala AkademiDelih (2011).
• Triveni Art Group at Canoria Center Ahamadabad (2006).
• Photography Group Exhibitions Dira Art Gallery Hyderabad (AP) (2006)
• AbhintaraThe Journey Within ChitrakalaParisht Bengaluru (2007).
• Bombay Art Society Mumbai (2010-02-03).
• National Artist Exhibition in Lakshna Art Gallery Hyderabad (2000).
• Laxanna Art Gallery Hyderabad (1999-2000)
• PAI-PHO group Exhibition in Gulbarga(2001)
• Mixed Bag in M.M.K. College of Visual Art Gulbarga (2003)
• Camlin Art Foundation South Zone(2006).
• Gulbarga Academy of fine art Gulbarga(2003).
• Akruti Art Group Bhalki(2003).
• LokmanyaTilak Trust Pune (2002).
• Pullaya Kala NilayamJangoan AP. (2000-02).
• KarnatkaLalit Kala Academy Bengaluru (2006).
• South Center Zone Culteral center (1999-2000-02).
• ABVP Bangaluru(2003).
• Gulbarga University Gulbarga (1998-01).
• S C Z CC Ngpur(2016)
• Drushbelaku exhibhition (2018)
• Steta art gallery hydrabad (2018)
• 59th lalit kala acadami newdelih2018
• Jane art gallery group show 2021
• New rey of hope group show 2021
• Art expo Kalburagi 2021
• 49th art exhibition Karnataka Lalit Kala academy Bangalore 2021


• Po10tial Contemporary Artists – Art Gate Gallery Mumbai (2014): A group exhibition of multi-format visual artists organized by Po10tial.
• ‘Black & White …Most Colorful’ – Artist Centre Mumbai (2015): A group exhibition of multi-format visual artists organized by Po10tial.
• INDEX (The Art Enclave)- International interiors & Design Event at MMRD Mumbai (2015)
• LOC (Line of Control) Curated by Johny M L – 49th Annual Exhibition Birla Academy of Art & Culture (2016).
• “ITS’S BIG” group show at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath, Bengaluru, 25th March _3rd April’17
• Po10पुर ,10 20 artist group show 2020
• Black window po10tial video art project in lockdown 2020

• JAHANGIR ART Gallery mumbai 2017
• Ailamma art gallery hyderbad 2018
• Chitanymay art gallery Kalburagi 2019


• MAFIA National Artist Camp in Mumbai (2010)
• Senior Artist Camp in Kala Grama held by Kannada & Culture Department Bangalore(2010)
• Scrbal art camp at hydrabad(2010)
• National Artist Camp – Gatta Art Village Raichur (2007).
• Suvarna Karnataka Senior Artist Camp in Kala Grama held by Kannada & Culture Department Bangalore.(2007).
• Artist Camp Held by KarnatakaLalit Kala Academy Bangalore at Bagalkot (2006).
• Alumini Senior Student Artist Camp M.M.K. College of VisulArt Gulbarga (2006).
• Pratibha Young Artist Camp Held by S.C.Z.C.C.NagapurAt M.M.K. College of Visual Art Gulbarga (2003).
• MSIL National Artist Camp Chickmangalore (2001).
• Mysore Kala Mela Mysore (2000)
• Terracotta Camp in M.M.K. College of Visual Art Gulbarga (1999)..
• Karnatak lalit kala acadami banggalore at vijapura (2016)
• World art day camp from drushbelaku gulbarga(2015)
• Karnataka Lalit Kala academy organised senior artist camp in in Bhubaneswar 2019


• Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy Bangalore (2005).
• Akruti Art GroupBhalki.(2003)
• Merit Award LokmanyaTilak Trust Pune (2002)
• First prize S.C.Z.C.C Nagpur(2002)
• Merit prizeS.C.Z.C.CNagpur (2001)
• Pullaya Kala NiyamJangoan (2001)
• Rajyastova Award Gulbarga UnversityGulbarga.(2001)
• Kala Mahostsva Best Painting Award in M.M.K College of Visual Art Gulbarga (1999-2003)
• Best Student Award in M.M.K. College of Visual Art Gulbarga (1998)
• S C Z C C nagpur National exhibition merit award 2019
• Drushbelaku award gulbarga(2018)

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