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Santu Naskar

Artist Santu Naskar

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

Artist Santu Naskar comes from south 24 paraganas in West Bengal, India. He belongs to a family where most of the members are professionally attached to different forms of art and crafts. As a result, right from his childhood, a passion for different art forms has been inflicted upon him naturally, which he has nurtured all along. As a artist, he has had his grip on several mediums - from terracotta to wood-cut in sculpting, from fabric to acrylic to oils in paintings. But, as he has been connected with elements of nature, rural Bengal life all along, it's the 'watercolor' medium in which he finds his freedom of expression more expressive, more 'telling'. For him, 'watercolor' is more "in alliance with nature' than any other medium.

Focus Areas: Boats, Ghats, etc. 

Artworks by Santu Naskar

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