Original Paintings

Sasanka Ghosh

Artist Sasanka Ghosh

Joined Craft Tatva: May 2022

What enchants a viewer about his works which leave them spellbound is the surge of passionate strokes that stand vertically slash horizontally, weaving a lovely brightness of activity with silhouettes of skyline on top and on the lower planes the edge of dark deep abysmal sea that spreads like a band of solitude in contrast to the middle regions of his canvasses which also convey a sense of TIMELESSNESS and SPACE. The palette of his hues and variable tones ensures the merging of both with his energetic zestful strokes. These Cityscapes along harbor as weaved by Sasanka trigger a dynamic process and compel us to look at reality as an Impressionistic illusion and dig deeper in his abstraction to translate what he has experienced over a period of years. It is almost as if the four winds gathered, teased his eye lending him a fervor, strength and vitality as he translates the depth of nature's attributes evoking climates in consonance with the tangled strokes of the planar divisions of the sky- we can sense an inter connectivity of both the visible and the invisible. His canvasses are modernist in nature with impressionistic undertones. His skill is evident in the way he creates imaginative and stunning cityscapes & harbour scenes – as molten images in various hues lending a strange luminosity to the skies and the reflections beneath in contrast to the thickly applied coastal images.

Focus Areas: Abstracts

Artworks by Sasanka Ghosh

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