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Sauravnath Jha

Artist Sauravnath Jha

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

Mr. Saurabhnath Jha is a young upcoming Madhubani painting artist. His works speak volumes in terms of him combining discipline with contemporary social scene-a unique combination taking the folk art to a newer levels.There are few experienced artist in this genre of Madhubani painting, Mr. Jha though is younger to join the list. His passion for envisaging the social upheavals in a broader perspective has made him create artworks, within the discipline of Madhubani painting, to connect with a greater audience.H e thinks beyond his age and yet his colour palette brings in much youthfulness to otherwise traditional Madhubani painting Art. No matter how dark the theme his choice of colours always brings each of them out to strike the cord with a spectators thoughts.His artistic vision and passion is a God gift as he paints this fine line based folk art with his otherwise shaky hand - a defect in his spinal cord from last 9 - 10 years makes his hands shaky all the time excepts when he paints. He hails from Madhubani district in Bihar residing along with his much supportive family.Though he holds a diploma in folk art from University of Darbhanga, he credits his passion for learning this folk art to his elder sister.

Focus Areas: Figures, Religious, etc.

Artworks by Sauravnath Jha

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