Original Paintings

Sayali Kamble

Artist Sayali Kamble

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2022

I work primarily in oil paints, with a preference for the rigors of an simple palette of black and white. My work frequently includes dynamic, sweeping brushstrokes of colours or black on canvas that characterize much of my art. It’s often noted that my paintings convey a controlled but dynamic sense of movement. Most of the times it starts with a vague idea or a emotion and then i put my ideas on canvas or paper. The brush and flow find their way onto the surface. Mistakes or accidents often turn out to be fortuitous and usually remain. Although much of my work is realism, my creative range is wide. I will from time to time revert to the contemporary, sometimes inserting realism into semi-abstract backgrounds, sometimes capturing the human figure in a series of emotions and drama. My acrylics are executed in hues of brilliant colour and are quite playful. My limited-edition charcoal, from a series called ‘Dark’, are highly suggestive of figurative art.

Focus Areas: Figures, Gods, etc.

Artworks by Sayali Kamble

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