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Sharmila Paul

Artist Sharmila Paul

Joined Craft Tatva: December 2021

Myself Sharmila Paul, a self-taught Indian Contemporary Artist and a Content Writer born and brought up from a traditional family in Kolkata, West Bengal. My life is totally depends on family culture as an aggregate of attitudes and environment which a person inherits from their parents and ancestors but i totally got distracted from this life and indulge myself in the artist world where I am self taught. Within the four walls I grew up till I realized my identity as a member of the fairer community known as women. In the confinement of those four walls self quest became my obsession in my bid to carve a niche for myself, trying to fathom anyone else’s feelings was a remote possibility. In my self exploration I traced my perception, passion, consternation and agony to express them with the strokes of paint brush as a brimming testimony of surreptitious youth and its oozing fervor. This remains a universal quest since time immemorial. Self-motivated, hardworking and goal oriented with a high degree of malleability, ingenuity, inventiveness and commitment. An effective squad player with unique outlining and effectuation skills coupled with a systematic approach and quick tractability.

Focus Areas: Woman, Gods, etc.

Artworks by Sharmila Paul

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