Original Paintings

Sunirmal Maiti

Artist Sunirmal Maiti

Joined Craft Tatva: October 2021

Sunirmal Maiti is an Indian artist from Midnapur, West Bengal, predominantly works with Acrylic colors. As per artist “Mythology, Puran and spiritualism are subject of interest since 2004. In a world of fragile fancies, globalization and mindless imitation, we need to look back to our immense treasures for thousand of years. To reach to that level of sublimity, that must have taken another thousands of years of mental research and inculcation. It reflected also in our ancient art tradition. After post modern Art being Dead in Europe and western world, The Indian artists are a bit at loss. Now is the time we should look back to our own tradition to find an idiom for the future” Participated in various exhibitions across India and won numerous awards in his forte.

Focus Areas: Figures, History, etc.

Artworks by Sunirmal Maiti

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