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Sunita Agarwal

Artist Sunita Agarwal

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2021

As a resident of city of joy - Kolkata, which valued culture more than anything else and I could see each moment of life in slow motion - I got opportunity to see humanity closely ie... the different moods , thoughts , emotions , joy and sorrow - each of them influenced my thoughts.

Focus Areas: Figuratives

Artworks by Sunita Agarwal

About Sunita Agarwal


Birla Academy of Art and Culture Kolkata

Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata

Triveni Kala Sangam New Delhi

Education Hons Loreto college Kolkata


As a young Artist Sunita was born and brought up in Kolkata, hub of art and culture, she was always drawn towards human emotions and expressions. It was magical to be able to put them on canvas which enthusiastically motivated her to become Visual artist. There is always a story telling element in Sunita’s creative process highlighting social issues, more particularly of women and children. It illustrates her perception, feelings, sentiments translating them into paintings through vibrant and subtle play of colours.

Painting to Sunita has been an emotional upturn since her childhood. It opened a world of creativity and untiring exploration, a voyage through colours with the manifested outside colours, blending into the colours of her, inside, revealing in a spectrum, most intimate and emotional.

Sunita’s works are in few colours, usually no more than three to five, in her compositions.

Her rendezvous with various mediums including oil, charcoal, acrylic and mixed media and diverse elements interweave that magic to completeness, of the paintings.

Sunita is very passionate about her subject and they find their voice through Sunita’s expositions when the viewer finds them in conversation with the subject.

During her years in Birla Academy of Art and Culture from the year 1987-1990, Sunita had a great privilege to learn about art form under the mentorship of Smt. Karuna Saha a bold and fearless artist of Bengal herself with an independent thought process, Sunita learnt that art was a more humane form of expression and it made a profound impact on common man. It was a powerful tool wherein in Sunita could voice her soul and hence a medium for the cause Sunita strongly believe in. Sunita did ample work using this powerful tool as a contribution to society.

A famous Quote by Leonardo Da Vinci echoes her thoughts

“Where the spirit does not work with hand there is no art”

Sunita’s belief, ‘One must still have the chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing ‘STAR”.


2021 I am
2021Scarlet Indo- Bangladesh exhibition
2021 Artdom ‘ Voice of Mask’
2021 Cancer patients Aid Association
2021 National Art gallery of Maldives with SMD art foundation
2021 White esprit creator community
2021 Show Your Talent
2021 Turning strokes
2021 Manirika Art gallery
2012 IARF & Radart foundation. Guniness book of world record
2021 Art De Photo – Rangbarse
2021 2021 Artcom Expo – International Women’s Day
2021 Bicentenary of America in Artistic intercultural call
2021 Indonesian Art and Cultural Network. #PRAYFORMAYANMAR
2021 Artcom Expo international Association (Norway)
2021 Indo Russian cultural exchange
2021 La AARTmesia studio & Gallery
2021 ARTathon Artathon
2021 Art Beats woman’s day special (Pune)
2021 Karkhana (Bangla Desh)
2021 Nirantar group, Chandigarh
2021 Khajurao art festival with EACH foundation
2021 Kalaratnam
2021 Charcoal foundation, Thailand
2020-21 Sanskar Bharati Gorakhpur
2020 Kalaratnam
2020 ZOBRA art village, Bangladesh
2020 Bangiya Kala Kendra
2020 Uchaan Arts New Delhi
2019 (group show) Lucknow & Bareli
2019 Visual Art Gallery
2018 (solo show) Indian Habitat Centre
2017 Kalawatika, Noida
2016 Uchaan Habitat Centre New Delhi
2015 Uchaan Lalit Kala Academy
2015 Uchaan Fraser suite
2015 Art Mall won prize for best artwork displayed.
2014 Lalit kala Academy
2014 Uchaan Gold souk Mall Gurgaon
2014 Indian Habitat Center
2013 Art khopcha Sanik farms
1987 Achin Potuaa, Kolkata
1987 Birla Academy of Art and Culture
1986 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata


I have won innumerable awards, received award for best realistic painting and a Gold award by Kalaratnam twice  2020-2021, my painting won first prize in ARTathon Exhibition cum competition in 2021. Won one of the best 50 works on Show Your Talent international online Competition 2020 (Dec).

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