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Sushma Shrivastava

Artist Sushma Shrivastava

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2021

Sushma was awarded a doctorate in the year 1996, for her 8 years of research on the ethnic textiles of the Malwa region in central India. She incorporated these printing techniques in her contemporary works for a solo painting show in 2002 at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. For Sushma, art transcends the boundaries of a medium and she firmly believes in not playing to the gallery but letting the process of imagination drive her incredible work. Being a lecturer of fine arts, when she is not painting, she immerses herself in her other passion of teaching fine arts and textile design. She is also a member of jury for many competitions and also sits on the committee for art education by NCERT. Sushma lives in Bhopal ( India), a city steeped in art and culture. She is also dedicated to the cause of organ donation. Being a donor herself, she feels being able to give a lease of life to someone is the best thing to have happened to her.

Focus Areas: Nature

Artworks by Sushma Shrivastava

About Sushma Shrivastava


• Ph.D. in Contemporary Textile Printing of Malwa region (Bhairogarh, Bagh, Indore and Ujjain)
• M.A. Fine Arts (Gold Medalist)
• National Diploma in Fine & Applied Arts (Topper)
• Certificate Course from Royal Drawing Society (London)
• Diploma in Indology & Museology
• Documentation of Hand Printing of Bhairogarh & Bagh.
• Author of Teacher’s Guide Book of Art Education for NCERT
• Retired Vice Principal, DMS, RIE, NCERT Bhopal
• Guest Faculty NIFT Bhopal
• Two Murals designed for school building size 16’x10’ and 19’ x 14’
• One Mural for School wall Size 12’x70’
• Author of Art Guide book for B.Ed. students, Bhoj University Bhopal M.P.


• All India Mahakoushal Exhibition, 1971.
• All India Kalidas Exhibition 1984,1987.
• Directorate of Youth Welfare & Sports 1976, 1977.
• Rhythm Arts Society 1968,71,75,82,84,91,92,93,94.
• Camlin Pvt. Ltd. Teachers Honour 1983,84,94 to 2007.
• All India Rhythm Arts society Exhibition,1989.
• Indore Development Authority,1990, “Mera Indore”
• Ram Katha State Art Exhibition, 1991.
• Honoured by All India Kayastha Sammelan 1991,2005.
• Honoured by Samta Gyan Vigyan Samiti, 1997.
• Honoured by Sandipani Vishist Gurujan Samman, 2011.
• Honoured by Ram Katha Samiti Bhopal, 2012.
• Honoured by Bhagwat Katha Samiti, 2013.
• Member of Jury in District & State Level Painting Competitions and Acted as Resource Person of Art Education in Seminars & Workshops.
• Best Teacher Award Bhartiya Kala Bhawan Mumbai, Kartab Kala Nyas-Ujjain, Chitra Bharti Child Art Institute-Aurangabad.
• Conducted Art Education Capacity Building Programme for Navodaya Vidyalaya Teachers in 2014,2015,2016.
• Genius Award by Art for Cause 2020
• Best Award by Eco Aware Art Gallery 2020
• Gold Award by Kalaratnam Foundation of Art Society 2021
• Excellence Award in International Art Exhibition /Competition 2021 organised by Kalaratnam Foundation of Art Society,” KFOAS”
• “Our Inspiration” Award by Aakriti International Online Show 2021


• 1975: Bhopal Sponsored by M.P. Kala Parishad
• 1976: Indore Sponsored by M.P. Kala Parishad
• 1976: Bhopal Inner Wheel Club.
• 1977: Bhopal Birla Museum.
• 1977: Bhopal Rotary Club.
• 1982: Bhopal.
• 1983: Indore
• 1987: Bhopal
• 1991: Indore M.P. Kala Parishad
• 1991: Bharat Bhawan Kala Mela
• 2002: Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
• 2005: Kalavart Nyas Kala Mela, Indore
• 2006: Bangalore
• 2006: Cairo, Egypt
• 2008: Basel, Switzerland
• 2009: Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal
• 2015: Bharat Bhawan Bhopal
• 2020: Solo Online Exhibition by Vimohi
• 2021: Solo Exhibition in an International Online Art Fair by Art Family
• 2021: Solo International Online Exhibition organized by Art Family “Art Alive”. One among 105 renowned artists from all over the world to pay homage to Mohd. Tauqueer Patron of Art Family.


• All India Mahakoushal Exhibition 1971.
• All India Workshop in Graphic, Art & Modelling RIE NCERT, Bhopal 1979
• All India Kalidas Exhibition 1973,75,84,86,87,88,89,90,91.
• All India Ram Charit Manas, Centenary Exhibition 1975.
• All India Mahavir Exhibition, 1976.
• All India Rhythm Arts Society Exhibition 1989.
• M.P. Kala Parishad State Art Exhibition 1974,86,92,2005,2006.
• Union Carbide of India Ltd. 1975.
• National Art Mela, New Delhi, 1985.
• NAD 1979.
• Roshani 1987.
• Padmashree Dr. Wakankar Memorial Second State Art Exhibiton 1991,92,93,94.
• Ram Katha Exhibition, Bhopal 1991, Jaipur 1992.
• All India Kayastha Sangathan Exhibition 1991.
• Bharat Bhawan Biennial of contemporary India Art, 1992.
• Sadbhavna Exhibition at Bhopal 1993.
• Lalit Kala Rashtriya Sangoshthi Bhopal,1993
• Exhibition on Earth Quake & Gas Tragedy at Bhopal & Indore, Hoshangabad, Ujjain, 1993-94.
• Rhythm Art Society State Exhibition 1971,75,77,78,82,84,91,92,93,94.
• Sanskar Bharti State Art Exhibition 1995.
• Samta Gyan Vigyan Samiti Exhibition,1997.
• Group Show by M.P. Rajbhasha directorate “Madhya Parva” 88.
• Group Show by AIFACS 2000.
• National Exhibition of Arts. Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 2001.
• All India U.P. Lalit Kala Exhibition 2001.
• Camlin Art foundation Fourth Western Region Art Exhibition 2001.
• Bharat Bhawan Annual Art Exhibition 2002.
• Artist Camp by Prakriti Bharti 2005
• Artist Camp by M.S. Bhand Amrit Mahotsava.
• Adaranjali Exhibition, Raja Ravi Verma 2009,2010.
• Group show by Gallery 45, Bangalore 2012.
• Artist Camp by Navlaya, 2013.
• Group show by Bharat Bhawan on the eve of Women’s day “Aadya”
• Art GHETTO- 5 Exhibitions in Ahmadabad “Sensations” charity of Cancer patients 2015
• National festival of Arts Vasant Utsav NCERT New Delhi
• “Turning Point” Art teachers group exhibition 2018 Bhopal, 2019 Bhopal and Indore
• Global Art Exhibition organized by creative art and cultural development society in 2000 at Nehru Centre Lal Bag Indore.
• International Khajuraho Art Festival Art Mart 2017
• Jaipur Kala Mahotsav Group Exhibition 2017
• Artist Camp at Tribal Museum Bhopal for charity of Gas claim Hospitals.
• Workshop for “Art Resource Centre” RIE with the artists of Chhattisgarh acted as resource person 2019.
• Artist camp for illustrators 2019
• Online National Art Exhibition “Green Dreams” conducted by White Rose 2020.
• Art for cause” Online International Exhibition 2020.
• Online National Art Exhibition organized by Samskara Sahithi 2020.
• Online National Exhibition organized by White Rose “SPECTRES OF MAHATMA” 2020.
• International virtual exhibition “Being a_” organized by Parosh Pathor Art foundation 2020.
• Online National Art exhibition organized by Bangiya Kala Kendra 2020.
• Online National Art exhibition organized by White Rose “For the Kisans” 2020.
• Artdom Art Festival, October 2020.
• International Online competition and Art exhibition on” Waste to Create” organized by Eco Aware Art Gallery in 2020. I am one among 151 short listed artists from 46 countries.
• National level online painting competition 2020 organized by Dr. Khanderao Pratishthana, Kalaburagi Karnataka
• Artdom Virtual Art Exhibition Digital India Memorable 2020 – Selected among 100 artists of India.
• Acted as Resource person for the workshop organized by Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal (NCERT) for development of Art Resource centre.
• Online National Exhibition of Art organized by White Rose “Love Thy Neighbour”.
• Conscious isolation BLUE Exhibition organized by VOGFINEART inspired by Maggie Nelson’s Bluets Book 2020.
• Felicitated by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for judgement of National Kala Utsav painting competition 2020.
• Solo online Art exhibition 2020 organized by Vimohi.
• Painting selected for Art for Autism 2020 I AM THE BEST MOM.COM
• Khajuraho International online Art Exhibition 2021
• Painting included in the Turning Point calendars 2017-2020. The calendar is published by Child Rights Observatory Madhya Pradesh/Art Design Teacher’s forum/ Ankur Kala Kendra.
• Mukhote Creative Art Foundation Art Challenge and Exhibition 2020.
• 24 Mosaic Padam Chand Memorial Global Online painting competition 2020 organised by Happy School
• Sanskar Bharti Online International Art exhibition 2020-2021
• Group Exhibition: Art for 20 AUTISM 20 Painting Exhibition
• Kalangan Online National Art exhibition – Naye Saal ka Naya Bharat, 2021
• Third International Online Art exhibition Nirantar 21. Organised by Nirantar Art Group 2021.
• International Online Art Exhibition organised by Karkhana Art Space, 2021.
• Indo-Taiwan International Contemporary Art and Calligraphy Virtual Exhibition 2021
• Pancharothri National and International Professional Artists Virtual Online International Art Exhibition 2021
• Paginadearte/Art in India Collective Exhibition Online 2021.
• Eco-aware Art Gallery online International Art exhibition “Paper as Treasure” selected among 84 artists from 44 countries.
• Workshop organised by RIE Bhopal (NCERT) March 2021 for Development of Art Resource centre based on traditional and historical heritage of Maharashtra and Goa.
• “Urooj” – The creation by women – group show with collaboration of Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya Bhopal 2021 on the eve of Women’s Day.
• Art Freaks Global people’s choice Online Art contest 2021.
• All India Online Exhibition by Romantika Art Decoded 2021.
• Aakriti International Online Art Show 2021.
• National Online Group Show on the occasion of Birth Centenary of Sayed Haider Raza organised by Srishti Kalakunj 2021.
• International Virtual Art Show 2021 organised by Portreta Artist An Art Abode.
• Chintrankan International Online Exhibition 2021 – Selected under top 100 women artists from all over the world organised by Bindas Artists Group.
• All India Painting Exhibition 2021 on the occasion of 75th Independence Day of India organised by Sanskar Bharti Uttar Pradesh.

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