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Swati Kale

Swati Kale

Joined Craft Tatva: March 2023

The multi-coloured flowers and blooms have always been an inspiration for my being and my paintings. My studio at Wai is always decorated with fresh blossoms. The garden has Sunflowers, Hollyhocks, Lilies, Lotuses, Marigold, Jasmin, Cosmos and plenty of wild flowers. The flowers bloom in silence and so does my art in the silence of the studio. I work in oil and use strong, bold strokes of brush and knife. I enjoy capturing the rapture of the flowers on my canvass. It’s these moments that I live to the fullest. I believe that the flowers bear the energy of the universe. This is the energy that accompanies us from birth to death. The moods of the flowers are a continuous source of cheer and inspiration. My canvasses are a source of my life-energy and I am glad to share this with you connoisseurs. Each of my canvas is my fresh experience in life, where my emotions are embellished with flowers. Flowers is my art of living. I will keep painting and sharing this bliss with you as long as the flowers keep up the inspiration.

Focus Areas: Figures, Faces, etc.

Artworks by Swati Kale

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