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Tanmay Halder

Artist Tanmay Halder

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

Tanmay Halder is an Indian artist from West Bengal. Participated in various exhibitions across India and won various awards in his forte.

Focus Areas: Human, Love, etc.

Artworks by Tanmay Halder

About Tanmay Halder


2013: MFA with 1st class in painting from University of Kalyani, India,
2011: BFA with 1st class in painting from ICAD, Rabindra Varati University, India,
2005: BA with 2nd class in history from Calcutta University, India,

Solo exhibition:

2013: Academy of Fineart’s, Kolkata, India,

Group exhibition:

2016: Chemould art gallery, Kolkata, India,
2012, 13, 16, 18 & 19: Academy of fine art’s, Kolkata, India,
2015 & 2012: Gaganendra Pradarshashala, Kolkata, India,
2009: Prosceniums art Centre, Kolkata, India,
2009: Jamuna bank way helix, Kolkata, India,
2011,10,09&08: Annual exhibition in icad, Kolkata, India, Workshop
2013: Banglar Alpona workshop in ezcc, Kolkata, India,
2012: Seminar on contemporary art in the university of Kalyani, India,
2012: Traditional painting (pata) workshop in the university of Kalyani, India,
2011: Workshop in the visual college of art’s, Kolkata, India,
2010: Ugc workshop in the Indian college of art’s &draftmanship, Kolkata, India,
2010: Workshop in fresco in the Indian college of art’s & draftsmanship under Dr subimalendu bikash sinha, kolkata, India,

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