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Tapos Das

Artist Tapos Das

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2022

The eminent Artist Mr. TAPOS DAS was born on 19th December, 1965 in Bahrampur, the city of Murshidabad District. He is the first son of Late Mr. Sunil Das and Mrs. Chhayarani Das. He is a resident of Katwa in Purba Bardhaman.Nowadays sometimes he stays in Kolkata also. He is a self-taught Sculptor. His excellent artworks bring brilliant form on his Sculptures which are made of Copper, Iron, Brass and many other metal sheets joined by welding in his own unique way. He is a distinguished painter too. Most of his paintings are great creations with pen, pencil, charcoal, water colour and acrylic. His Sculptures and Paintings are very often exhibited in different renowned galleries with great appreciation not only in our country but also in different corners of the world.

Focus Areas: Figures, Religious, etc.

Artworks by Tapos Das

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