Original Paintings

Uma Mane

Artist Uma Mane

Joined Craft Tatva: March 2022

When I look back a long way to when I am aspire to be an artist a personality who will collaborate to society who can connect on self to social issues and try to resolve them through my art. The work is a reflection of artist here I would like to say artists self-esteem. Self-esteem is not fixed quantity rather it's a feeling, fluid and changing, but I can say over the years with little help from my teachers, friends and family, I have evolved in to an artist who has consistently high self-esteem it helps me to be productive, to get my work out, to keep working on my work it gives me resilience in the work. You have what it takes to make art if you make choice to take what it takes. None of us knows whether our work will end up being great or average, remembered or forgotten, but we are in control if that steady work process that is engendered by believing in ourselves and in our lives and by respecting the work we have undertaken. Sustaining creative work requires respecting yourself, honoring your life and the humanity and faith to keep going despite the ambiguity of creative work and the lack of guarantees regarding either artistic outcome or recognition of myself and society.

Focus Areas: Figures, Semi-Abstracts, etc.

Artworks by Uma Mane

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