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Usharanjan Mandal

Usharanjan Mandal

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2023

Usharanjan Mandal is a self Taught Artist. He was born in kamarda village, a village in the khejuri district of Medinipur (West Bengal) in 1982. Usharanjan Mandal has a keen interest in painting since his childhood. He was born and brought up in a village culture and atmosphere. After finishing his higher secondary he came to Kolkata. In Kolkata he went to I.T.I and he passed out From I.T.I in Electronics Engineering. Also he is Specialist in Dot Painting. He was inventing a different kind of painting with dot's. He had painted various type of work with a black pen on paper / Canvas.  He do dot paintings a lot. Small painting usually take 2-3 months for its completion and big ones nearly take 9-12 months. His many drawings sold domestically. He even sold some of his paintings internationally as well. His most popular series are (Mother  & Child, Love with Nature, The Wheel, God Series, Golden Touch Series).

Focus Areas: Figures, Faces, etc.

Artworks by Usharanjan Mandal

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