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Vani Chawla

Artist Vani Chawla

Joined Craft Tatva: September 2021

I draw my inspiration to paint from nature. This abundant love for nature nudges me to express my feelings through my canvases. Be it flowers, birds, animals, or women, I try and depict the beauty of our bountiful nature in its pure form. I am saddened by the constant exploitation of nature caused by us humans in the name of modernization and development.

Focus Areas: Plants, Birds, Nature, etc.

Artworks by Vani Chawla

About Vani Chawla

Educational qualification-B- Com (Hons) Calcutta University

Art Education- Self Taught ( trained under the guidance of an eminent artist) .


Group Show- Tollygunge Club,Kolkata -2002
72nd, 74th ,76th and 77th All India Fine Arts Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata-2007,2008,2011 and 2012

Group Shows-
Autumn Mystique at The Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata-2008
Charukala Pradarshini O Utsav,Kolkata- 2010
Prativa – at The Birla Academy, Kolkata-2011
Aspect Gallery Group Show at The Birla Academy, Kolkata-2011
Gallery 53D’s group show at The Hyatt, Pune-2011
Bimal Mitra Gallery group Show, Kolkata- 2012
The Bengal Trail, Kynkyny Gallery, Bangalore- 2012
Sensorium at Weaver’s studio, Kolkata- 2013
Harmony at The DBS Bank curated by Mirage Gallery, Kolkata-2013
Art Utsav at The Mirage Gallery, Kolkata- 2013,2014,2015
Prakriti- 6 artists show at The Hyatt , Raipur-2014
Earth Song- Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore-2015
Group Show at CRC club, Kolkata-2015
Group Show at Halo Heritage,Nazrul Tirtha,Kolkata-2015
All Women show on Woman’s Day at Gallery space ,Hyderabad-2016
All Women International Show at The Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata-2016
All India Art Fair at Emami Chisel Art , Kolkata – 2016
Art Fair, Kolkata Centre for Creativity, 2019
Group Show of Women Artist from Kolkata by Nakshatra Gallery,Kolkata- 2019
She Has Grace Like No Other- show at Gallery space, Hyderabad-2016
Participation at the group show – 1 Square Foot presented by GallerySpace, Hyderabad-2019
Invited to participate at the annual show by Impart Academy- 2019
Invited to participate at the first Art Fair at the newly opened Kolkata Centre for Creativity – 2019
Group Show of Srijan, Academy of Fine Arts and Gallery Gold, Kolkata-2015,2016
Life of Art-show at The Art Hub , Mumbai-2016
Colours- Show at India Art Centre, Jaipur- 2017
Art Initiative, show at The Stadel Hotel, Kolkata-2017
International Art Show curated by the Russian Gallery Art –Most, at the Indian Embassy, Moscow – 2017
Participation at The India Art Festival, Mumbai- 2015,
Participation at The India Art Festival, Delhi- 2016
Art Show Elitaire- The Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 2018
Invited to participate at The International Oriental Art Biennale ,Bangladesh at Dhaka, 2019
Art Fusion – Group Show of 10 artists , Academy of Fine Arts ,Kolkata- 2020
Art Show at the Academy of Fine Arts ,Kolkata – 2021

Art Camps-
Camp at The Tata Steel 25 K Marathon,2014,2015,2016
Camp at Nazrul Tirtha in memory of Late Sri Sunil Das,2015
Camp by the NGO –Bondhu Ek Asha,Kolkata-2017
Camp organized by The Kolkata Police at Mohor Kunj,2015
Camp at The IBRAD school of Management and sustainable Development,Kolkata-2017
Art Workshop /Camp organized by Anthelion School of Art , Kolkata – 2019
Camp organized by Abid Interiors Fair at Science City , Kolkata – 2019

Two Artist Show- 360 Degree at The Academy of Fine Arts,Kolkata-2012
Two Artist Show- Arts Acre , Kolkata- 2016
Solo Show- Whose World Is It Anyways? At the Halo Heritage Gallery ,Kolkata-2011
Solo Show – Garden of India at Gallery Skeppsta Hytta near Stockholm , Sweden – 2019
Have been invited to judge the sit and draw contests for children in a number of schools and organizations in Kolkata and outskirts.
Awarded – Certificate of Merit from Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) 2020

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