Original Paintings

Vasavan payyattam

Artist Vasa Anpayyattam

Joined Craft Tatva: December 2021

The paper collages of Mr. Vasavan payyattam is very brilliant and sensorial. Instead of placing brush strokes he creates his paintings with tiny shreds of coloured papers. He is an expert in commix of serene colours and themes. The unique language of his portraits, landscapes and other thematic paintings features over 42 works done in collage are giving a twist to the convential seeing and perceiving. Here in this exhibition Mr. Vasavan makes a deliberate attempt to widen the range of subjects widen the range of subjects including the charm of flora and fauna. His new works "Manson series" are very different to anything in the Kerala landscape Painting tradition and thus they became the source of new vision in admiration. Application of colours to confirm the principles of perspective and focal length in these landscapes has been adjoined brilliantly with the interlocking of different colour toned papers and they have succeed to feel the distance of far away visions. Vasavans rainy Manson scapes are cleaner, quieter, and almost mediative.

Focus Areas: Collage, Portraits, etc.

Artworks by Vasa Anpayyattam

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