Batik Paintings

Vibha Singh

Artist Vibha Singh

Joined Craft Tatva: February 2022

Vibha Singh, a batik artist, has evolved herself with artwork on silk and paper as a medium for her soulful contemporary creations. Based in NCR - New Delhi,She has largely employed the medium of textile, the thought is that textile have their own sprit and character which have provide a unique definition and shade to the personality of every individual. So over the past 10 years she undertook to sink into the sea of batik art to bring treasure out of it. Her subject cave paintings of Bagh, Kaushambhi and the works in the cave of Ajanta. Her distinctive style along with vibrant color has given a modern touch to batik art and has brought grandeur to asian heritage art.

Focus Areas: Batik

Artworks by Vibha Singh

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