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Vishwa Sahni

Artist Vishwa Sahni

Joined Craft Tatva: July 2022

Vishwa Sahni is an Indian artist from Mumbai, who predominantly works with pen and ink. Participated in various exhibitions across India and won numerous awards in his forte.

Focus Areas: Figures

Artworks by Vishwa Sahni

About Vishwa Sahni

Awards/ Achievements:-
2009 Print in World of Great Faces – (Jan Issue)
2009 The Bombay Art Society of India Award
2008 Certificate, “Shram Shakti”Award Trophy

Solo Shows:-
2018 Nehru Centre Art Gallery
2016 Artist Centre Art Gallery
2012 Jehangir Art Gallery
2008 Sahil Art Gallery.
2006 Mumbai Art Gallery
2005 Mumbai Art Entrance.
2003 Hiranandani Ground
2002 Juhu Sports Club Just Shoppe.
2002 Apex Khar
2002 Just Shopee, Hiranandani

Group Shows:-
2020 Kumar Swami ( Shayog)
2019 Kumar Swami {Shayog}
2018 Kala Spandan art fair
2017 Kumar Swami [Shayog]
2016 Artist Centre [Member Show]
2015 The Bombay Art Society of India
(Jahangir Art Gallery)
2014 P L Deshpandey Maharashtra Kala Academy
{Dadar Mumbai}
2012 Nijhworld Delhi
2012 United Art Fair Delhi
2012 Camroza Art Gallery
2010 Bajaj Art Gallery
2009 Art Society of India. Jehangir art gallery
2009 The Bombay Art Society of India jehangir art gallery
2009 SLK foundation group show -Bangalore
2008 Sahil art gaillery colaba mumbai
2007 Mumbai Art Gallery
2007 Art Society of India jehangir art gallery

Art Camp
2019 Internatiol Art Camp Best Bengal Digha
2020 Art Camp Organize by BJP at Dadar Mumbai

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