Original Paintings

Yuvraj Patil

Artist Yuvraj Patil

Joined Craft Tatva: June 2022

Black and White shades are most important for intensity and clarity, it also creates mood of playing shade and light. Absence of colour creates depth in presence of shadows and light shows that, the shades and light in the painting is like mound of masses, which gives the painting, a sculpture like look. It is a Rhythm of light and shadows. It is like a musicians view. In a dream we see a sequence of colourless pictures. So I choose black and white forms for my exhibition theme. In some painting for some parts, colour is used intentionally, so it compliments the black and white figure and at the same time, moves the path of the eyes around the whole painting. In all these pictures, a moment gets freezed and when this happens, the subject black and white gets justified. I am happy that via this exhibition I take the on lookers on a tour of my pas moments of shade and light, which will also help them to relate with their past.

Focus Areas: Monks, Religious, etc.

Artworks by Yuvraj Patil

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