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Casual Form (Vol 6)_Acrylic on Canvas_36x36 (Inch)


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Artwork Description

Art is a sensuous language that is based on visual communication and dialect. We as visual artist try to manifest these notions through various possibilities, creating a sensuous and serene work, showcasing our understanding and perspectives towards the visual form. These enquiries made by me during the process involve exploring the possibilities through various forms, illusions, beauty, balance and my intellect. Since 2018,I have been exploring on these casual forms through experimentation and venturing through various uncharted and untraveled paths, I have tried to venture trough the tools of possibilities, reincarnating my understanding of the subject and the visual forms, manipulating it to create and recreate a distinctive and diverse visual language.

In the 21st century, when there is no limitation of material and medium, where the forms and techniques have opened new doors to possibilities, an artist has been offered limitless path of exploration,  I have tried to enquire with forms, color, texture, techniques, breaking the barriers of the predefine and recreating my visual dialect. Lines, forms and matter have been my weapons to create and the possibilities have acted as my game plan. Reincarnating the old techniques by breaking the notion of predefine has granted me access to unlimited freedom to explore these casual forms. For me the originality of these forms and object are mundane and I feel that the form is more personified as a visual delight. The human psychology is driven by the epistemological, axiological and ontological knowledge which man gains through time, he identifies the forms via shape and textures, color, lines and relates all this knowledge to the existing forms. These visual forms are just illusions of one’s interpretation of that predefined.

The interpretation of a form is completely influenced by ones understanding and as a visual artist I have played with the same intention. For a normal person his knowledge of forms is based on his knowledge e.g. the shape of flower, animals, object and nature. But for a visual artist all knowledge is mundane and he recreates his own forms. As an artist I interpret these forms according to my understanding and experiences, for me a cloud is not a cloud but a form which I see distinctively. For me these are just a artistic expressions ready to be explored and create a delusional balance between the reality and the visual implication.

For me the present is mundane, the future is a possibility, the past is a dream and the visual forms are my unbiased visual dialects of my reality. The tools of possibility are ventured through the medium, technique and material and yet there are certain obligations which would surface through time creating an unparallel bridge between the very existence of reality and my casual forms. In future I intend to explore more through my art and create the sensuous balance with my casual forms.

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