Circle Of Life (Vol 4)_Acrylic on Canvas_48x48 inches


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Artwork Description

My art is based on the notion of inward journey for finding tranquility and the philosophy of mysticism. My actual everyday life, my aspirations, my dreams, my struggles, my interests and my life experience are always at the core of my imagination. It’s an interplay of art and life, as much as life influences my art, my art in turn, influences my life. That’s how I rejuvenate life into my artworks. I have found painting as my medium to think, communicate and create. To paint is to converse with oneself.

My artwork allows me to be mindful of my own existence. I describe my art as a ‘Circle of life’ in simple terms but something which is very complex philosophically. We each find our position on mind map somewhere inside the circle of life. The circumference of this circle is quite big on which falls the polarity of minimalism, spiritualism, existentialism, empiricism, materialism, rationalism and essential ism. Every individual tries to find the peace by shifting the center according to his calling in life. The center of life is much more dynamic and the circumference is quite static. It depends on us where we want to place ourselves in this ‘Circle of life’. This philosophy applies also to the art and it is up to the observer where he wants to center his thoughts on the circle of ‘art’.

I use neutral colors in my paintings. Color are not used to express feeling or mood, but it simply indicates the natural reality which is colorless. The natural source within us too is colorless. The only thing that seems colorful in the external reality is the thing that is created by mind. The color exists only in our perception. Our mind adds its own colors to different subjective and objective reality. I hope my art evokes a sense of tranquility, positivity, state of meditative being and sensitivity in the viewer’s mind.

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