How to buy paintings Online

How To Buy Paintings Online

Choosing the right website for buying paintings online

Craft Tatva has a catalogue of 10000 works from more than 400 Indian Artists, giving collectors and Byers the the widest and most varied possible selection of artworks. Craft Tatva daily ads 100+ artworks to its collection and 10+ artists daily from all over India. With the help of our experts, we select the artworks and artists we work with in order to guarantee that the artworks available on our website are original and authentic. We work directly only with artists that strongly support hassle free selling and authentic work keeping buys satisfaction at utmost priority.

On our platform, you’ll find a wide range of artworks. The website offers not only a variety of mediums—from paintings and artworks—but also a variety of styles. These works are made by artists with great potential and are exhibited by prominent art galleries chosen by our network of experts.

Craft Tatva was designed to provide collectors with an exceptional browsing experience: every artist has a personalised page you can visit in order to find out more about them. Each artwork is presented using high-quality photographs and a thoroughly detailed description with information about the artist along with his/her profile.

Finding out about the artwork

The artwork’s characteristics: Before buying a work of art, it’s important to study its characteristics because all artworks shown on the website are unique. In the title you will find the ‘name’, ‘size’ and ‘medium’ or the artwork and in the description beneath the title, you will find other details, and the technique used, as well as the materials it is made of. In the case of paintings, prints or drawings the description will also specify whether the work is framed or not.

Original work or print: We list only 100 percent original artwork. Craft Tatva is strictly against digital prints of the authentic art. We strongly believe that it devalues the artist as well as art. An original and unique work is more valuable than a work that exists in many copies or prints. Nevertheless, prints are an excellent way to start building a collection of digital work available on various other platforms. In the case of prints, it is always advisable to check the marking of a work, including its edition number and the artist’s signature. We only fulfil the the requests only if the artist allows and ready to certify the same. 

Works with or without an authenticity certificate, works with the artist’s signature: In the description you can check whether the work in question has been signed by the artist or if it is sold with a certificate of authenticity. To find out more about signed works and authenticity certificates, please read our articles concerning this topic.

The price: Every work shown on the website has been subject to an evaluation by the lead curator or experts to guarantee its authenticity and to determine its value. The price of an artwork is set by the the artist and validated by the experts based on a range of criteria.

Payment methods: Craft Tatva provides a secure payment system, by bank transfer, Paypal or debit/credit card and net banking. We also now accept several currencies including: euros, US dollars, British pounds, and Swiss francs, etc.

Delivery date: Delivery depends on your distance from the location and the number of days that the art artist requires to make the artwork available to a carrier. When you place an order on the website, you will be informed of how many days it will take for the artwork to be delivered.

Learning about the artist

Knowing how to correctly decipher an artist’s biography could help you make the right decision. 

Age: An artist’s age may turn out to be a key detail when purchasing art online. This first piece of information may shed light on the future of the artist’s career. A young artist will usually still have a lot of time to build a successful career and see the prices for his or her work increase. If your main reason for buying is as an investment, it is in your best interest to choose young or emerging contemporary artists.

Artistic Training: Education and learning is key to an artist’s life and career. Rare are those who are truly self-taught, even though many claim to be. Prestigious schools are real springboards for future artists; some galleries will contact promising students at certain schools even before they have graduated.

Recognitions and awards: Prizes and awards are essential for an artist’s career because they provide a basis for assessing an artist’s popularity. Recognition from peers, awards, and prizes help artists become famous. Of course, the more prestigious the prize, the faster an artist’s career may progress.

Exhibitions: An artist’s biography will also provide information on his or her exposure – that is, whether they are represented by one or several galleries every year, and whether their works are regularly exhibited, not only in their home country, but also abroad. An exhibition’s importance depends on how prestigious the exhibition space or the organisation behind it is. Participation in group shows demonstrate the artist’s involvement within the artistic community.

Collections: Biographies will often specify if an artist’s works are part of a public (in a museum) or private (belonging to a collector) collection. The acquisition of an artwork by an important collector in the past is also a good indication of an artist’s value and popularity. Understanding the price of the artwork If you have sought information about the artist who made the artwork that appeals to you, you may already have a good understanding of its price.

If you still have doubts, feel free to contact +91-7676621391

Taking the plunge

Price: If you are a first-time buyer, it is recommended to set a price range as a guideline when you start looking for works to buy. You can enter this price range on Craft Tatva so that only works within this price range appear in your search.

Medium: Similarly, it is recommended to have an idea of the medium you’d like to purchase to make your search easier and avoid being overwhelmed with countless search results.

Size: It’s best to think ahead about where you want to display the work. Room images are just for reference. You can have a quick idea on how it looks over a wall. Please check the artwork title for actual size. 

Colour: Colour reflects one’s personal taste. Wait until an artist catches your eye, and then filter his or her works by colour to choose the one that you love!

Furthermore, if you’re looking for an artwork by a specific artist or artistic movement, it’s a good idea to read about them, both in terms of their position on the art market as well as their style or history. You may find that the work suddenly appeals to you a lot more… or a lot less!

If the artwork refers to a historical or political event from the past or present, make sure to also learn about it so that you can understand it more and therefore interpret the artwork in its correct context.

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  1. Ooh la la! You certainly know how to grab my attention when you mentioned that we must be realistic with our personal budget if we want to acquire an exquisite piece of artwork because it could be either a worthy investment or just a wasteful purchase. There’s a new boutique in my neighborhood and I want to give something to the owner as a sort of decoration for the store. I’ll remember this trick when I buy a suitable item later.

  2. It sure was nice when you said that you must determine where you want to display the artwork in order to picture how it will look on the wall. My husband and I are planning to visit an art gallery on his birthday next month. We want to make sure that we will find pieces of original abstract paintings that we can display in our living room. For sure, we will talk about the location of the displays to easily find the right pieces.

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