Young Glow Of Wanderer Age - The Lady Of The Nomads | Oil Painting By Hari Om Singh

Size 18 x 24 inches (HxW) Oil on Canvas

TheNath’ or the nose pin with other vintage ornaments like bangles and anklets speak of the mighty tradition still alive on the lands of Rajasthan. The woman of nomad community of Rajasthan is ready to start another journey onto another land. Though the worls has taken giant leaps with the standards of living, seems nothing has changed for the ‘Banajas’ –hindi word for nomads of Rajasthan.

The Matka for containing water, the candle serving the requirement of light and a drape as a curtain for the window, all together convey that the nomads are on the move always. Their needs and tradition is best honored with the old comportment and the modern amenities are in fact modest for them.

copyright © artwork 2018


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