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Shankirtan | Acrylic Painting by Sanjay Chakraborty | 48x72


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Artwork Description

Naam Sankirtan & Meditation

The question “What is meditation ?” remains unanswered unless “What meditation is for ?” is answered. Meditation is not for being & doing good, but for seeking deliverance. The process of confirming attainment of deliverance itself is meditation and results into being & doing good.

The general idea of meditation is being “thoughtless”. But thoughtlessness is very difficult to attain because the thought is the continuous process of mind (man). Mind (man) does not exist in absence of thought. How one can attain thoughtlessness ? By thinking of thoughtlessness – No. Actually, thoughtlessness is state of “No-Mind”. We feel, think, act, react etc. because of mind (man), so our all actions (Karma) viz. Mansik, Vachik, Bhautik Karmas are due to mind. The state of “No-Mind” means “No-Karma”.  When there is “No-Mind”, there is no “Ego (Aham)” and so no “I” . When there is no “I” then who is involved in the process of meditation or thoughtlessness or No-Mind ? The readymade answer to this question is “Atma is associated  or doer of meditation”. But meditation is not an action and so it can not be done, in fact it is a state of existence of oneself. Ordinarily, most of the scriptures, preachers provide readymade questions and readymade answers to those question.

 Now, lets go back to issue of attaining No-Mind. Since mind is always occupied in perpetual process of thinking and hence it is somehow impossible to reach thoughtlessness, hence the key is “engage the mind to a single thought”. To do this, choose a subject you like, say Lord Krishna. Now, think of Him and his Leelas. Feel his presence. Take a deep dip in the ocean of his unconditional love. Perceive him in your heart. Try to forget everything else, just like you forget everything else when you are with your beloved. Submerge in his very existence and suddenly you will experience that you do exist but there exists no thought and so state of No-Mind is attained.

To do this, start with Naam Sankirtan. Recite  his Holy names. By and by you shall forget everything else and shall attain the state of meditation. So, “thought” is the key to attain “thoughtlessness”, “No-Mind” or “Meditation”.

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