Rural Rajasthani | Watercolor Painting by Amit Dhane 11x14

  • Watercolor Painting
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Size: 11 x 14 inch
  • Shipping condition: Neatly Rolled In PVC (unframed)
  • Signed on the front
  • Style: Realistic
  • Subject: Culture, Traditional folk, Figurative
  • Approximate delivery time: 15 days
  • Contact +91-9311904305 for inquiries and customization


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Rural Rajasthani

The colorful tradition of Rajasthani people reflects in art of paintings as well .

Pagari, sometimes also transliterated as pagari, is the term for turban originating in the Indian subcontinent. It specifically refers to a headdress that is worn by men and women, which needs to be manually tied. Other names include sapho.

All people of Maithili speaking area wear turban (PAGARI). The Pagari is prevalent in Mithila region since time immemorial. Except Brahmins and Kayastha, all other people from all other caste and community wear Pagari (turban). The people of Yadav, Teli, Sudhi, Kalbar, Dusadh, Mochi etc are used Pagari in mithila . Pagari is their identity. Solakan, Pichhdaavarg, Backward etc wear Pagari . The Brahmin people are forced to wearing their identity on other caste. People oppose this activity in Mithila. In Mithila Pagari is also known as Pagadi.

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