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When you join Craft Tatva you join a revolution in the way that art is bought and sold and stand up for a young, equitable world for independent artists. Join us today.

Why sell on Craft Tatva?

Our community of artists is our biggest asset. When you join Craft Tatva you join the art marketplace – a friendlier, equitable platform for independent artists.

Why you should definitely join us, right now:

  • Reach a global audience of over 1,00,000 art lovers
  • Easily control your artworks, your pricing and listings through our strong artist support system – all completely free!
  • Dedicated support and tools to help you build your career

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How to Sell on Craft Tatva

If you’re well satisfied with the “Artist’s Guide“, we would need the below-mentioned details to have you on board. (Email us at: [email protected])

  • High Resolution images of your artwork. Rename the image with a “title”, “size”, “medium” and “price” (See reference below)
  • Please mention the “artist in hand” price. In other words, a price which you expect in hand for the said artwork. (After it is being sold) – 
  • A small display picture of yours
  • Brief introduction about yourself, your inspiration, the subject you work for etc. – For ref: “Click here”

 Note: If possible, please provide artwork which you are not displaying on other websites to maintain clean business and healthy market competition.

Sell Your Paintings On Craft Tatva

One-Of-A-Kind Certificate for One-Of-A-Kind Artwork

Procure your artwork with esigned Aadhaar

General Guidelines

Legal Body

Craft Tatva is an official trademark product of Goodybox India Pvt. Ltd. CIN: U36995DL2018PTC333230.

Artwork listings and submissions

Craft Tatva is an online platform for art lovers. The artworks are offered for sale on the website which is subject to availability. We personally go through each and every artwork and the artist’s history before posting their work for sale. We request each and every single artist to go submit the High-Resolution image of the artwork along with the short description, dimension, resolution, and the price you expect. We strictly follow the artwork upload policy where we try our best to protect the artwork from being copied and sold in form of unauthorized digital prints. We never upload the HR image on our website to avoid further misuse by other platforms. We always resize the image to the minimum visible requirement and double-check before posting.

Statutory Guarantees

The Artist commits to respect and implement the statutory guarantees of the Buyer, i.e.: the guarantee of non-compliance and the guarantee of hidden defects. Craft Tatva provides return policies (7 days) to the buyer. If in-case the buyer refuses to keep the art due to the defect in the artwork or any other quality issue, the artist must accept the return and no payment shall be made against return orders.

Delivery of the artwork

The delivery of the Artworks is made at the address: GOODYBOX INDIA PVT. LTD. 172, 1st Floor, Triveni Apartment, Jhilmil Colony, East Delhi, Delhi, India-110095.

Intellectual Property

The artist guarantees that he/she is the author of the ceded Artwork and that the latter does not violate any laws, regulations, and standards in force, or affects the rights of third parties. He/she commits to protect Craft Tatva and the Buyer in case of any action brought by a third party about the ceded artwork, as part of the warranty of quiet possession. Upon the sale, the artist assigns to the Craft Tatva Admin the material substrate of the artwork and its representation rights on the artwork.

The Artist however retains his/her moral right on the artwork as well as the rights regarding its reproduction.


Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction Only.

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