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A well designed home is a home that reflects the personality of people living in it. Craft Tatva offers a way for people to make sharp statement about things that are closer to their heart. Our team of enthusiastic astists can come to your premises and help you develop best in class handmade sculptures right in front of your eyes. Designs starting INR 720/sq.ft. Contact for more details. View Gallery


Wall Art

Add a contemporary or modern touch to your walls at economic price. Craft Tatva is a group of  experienced artist and creative professional who are passionate to give every blood, sweat and tear to their assignments. Designs starting INR 220/sq.ft. including material. Contact for more details. View Gallery

Custom Portraits

Buy a custom made portraits for your home and support growing artists of our nation. Craft Tatva works closely with UDAAN-Ek Meetha Sapna Society which is working day and night to support emerging artists. The product you buy from us, a portion of its revenue goes directly to help them.



For better understanding!

Our artists are capable of making various type of handmade sculptures made up of clay, cement, fibre and other constructive material. Buyers can choose whatever material they want go with the design they like. 

Our cost includes the material required to develop a full fledged sculpture at your home. However, for further customisation the overall cost may differ. 

We provide 1 year free maintenance and touch-ups guarantee. If anything happens to the aesthetics our team will visit and do the needful. We are just a call away. 

We prefer developing sculptures in cement and fibre due to the durability of these materials and bold aesthetics. However, it majorly depends on the location and placement of the sculpture. In an open area it requires more attention.  

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