Vastu Paintings for Speed and Success

Vastu Paintings for Speed and Success

We must harness the energy that surrounds us to lead a good life. The type of positive energy that surrounds us is hard to harness but it can be done through various means. Some of these include meditation (to harness positivity) and yoga (to activate the become physically active). There are many other things which can bring positivity into your lives and home. Hanging a picture of seven galloping horses in the house is believed to bring positivity in the home as per Vastu Shastra. Let’s find out if that’s true.

What Does a Running Horse Symbolise As Per Vastu Shastra?

In Vastu Shastra, numerous aspects are crucial. These range from the direction the entrance of our homes face to the type of different symbols and icons we place in the house. All these play a part in harnessing positive energy in our lives. One crucial part of Vastu Shastra is the running horse symbol.

The painting of running horses can balance energy in your house. The symbol of a horse, particularly seven running horses, symbolise success, peace, and progress according to Vastu Shastra.

Importance of Running Horses Painting in Vastu Shastra

Here are six reasons why you must have seven running horses in your home.

Running horses symbolise speed. The painting of the seven running horses should be hung on the wall of your house which is in the east. On hanging the painting on the wall which is in the east, you will experience that you will be quicker than anyone else at completing most tasks.

The running horses are powerful and free. If facing the west, it will benefit your artistic nature.

Horses, according to Vastu represent success. Hanging it on the south wall of your home will ensure success in all your home ventures.

In Vastu, seven galloping horses that have a red background in the painting represents the planet Mars. This can help your self-esteem grow and boost you confidence. Placing it in the right direction to the planet Mars is essential here.

According to Vastu philosophy, seven galloping horses in blue represents the planet Saturn. This is supposed to help you bring peace and harmony in your home. Calculating the position of this painting to the position of Saturn is essential.

According to Vastu, it is essential to consider the position of the planet Venus when hanging a painting of seven galloping horses as the horses themselves represent the planet known for love. To ensure your loved ones feel positive emotions, place this in a part of your home that is visible at all times.

Horses are believed to bring good luck, but not always. One needs to take care of the following things while hanging a painting.

1. Never ever hang a picture of a single horse in your home. To clarify, it is considered inauspicious and stops the wealth from entering your home.

2. In the painting of seven horses, one should carefully see none of the horses has a rope tied on its back as it is also considered inauspicious.

3. In the painting, the horses must be running on the land and the full image of the horse must be completely visible. Never hang the one in which the shoe of the horses is not visible.

4. The horses in the painting must not be angry but should depict happiness and courage. Also, there should be symmetry in the galloping horses.

5. In addition, hanging this picture in one’s study room, temple, bedroom, on the main door, or near the washrooms is not advisable.

Where Should You Hang a Running Horse Portrait As Per Feng Shui?

Like Vastu, the Chinese design system of Feng Shui ensures a better flow of energy. The combination of Vastu with the placement priority of Feng Shui can be beneficial to your home. In Feng Shui, the horses represent life, so they require eight horses. The reason for this is that each horse represents an important milestones of your life – career, children, recognition, health, marriage, education, happiness, and personal development. As per Feng Shui, hang this painting in your living room – close to the entrance. This is supposed to fill your home with courage, honesty, and wealth.

Important Points to Consider

Hanging the painting of running horses on the right wall. Here are some important points to consider.

The positioning of the painting can bring both positivity and negativity into your lives. So, do check before hanging it anywhere.

Combining Feng Shui and Vastu can be difficult but if done right, the benefits are doubled.

Don’t hang the seven galloping horses near the bedrooms or bathrooms, this can be counter productive and lead to the problems of constipation or insomnia.

Consult an astrologer to ensure that you gain the benefits you want by placing the right color painting at the right place and in the right position.

Where to place it?

This lucky painting should be hanged on the East wall of one’s house. The poster of the horses can be hanged on the North wall as well. It leads to one’s promotion in the service sector and brings prosperity and wealth at home as well. Placing the painting on the south side of one’s home brings one name and fame. Also, it creates a positive environment in one’s home and makes one successful in life. If somehow, one is unable to place the painting on the south side, it is advisable to hang this lucky painting in the front of your home’s window as such that the horses are looking out of the window.

What Is the Importance of Seven Horses in Vastu?

The number 7 is considered auspicious in many ways. It is a huge part of numerological calculations for luck and positivity. A lot of good aspects of life come in 7 – the seven colours of the rainbow and saat janam or seven lives in Hinduism are an example. Hence, seven horses are considered auspicious too.

Which Kind of Horse Painting Should You Avoid Hanging in Your Home?

Avoid hanging the paintings of the horses that are very large. The picture of a horse with an angry face or negative emotions should also be avoided, as it can be a sign of negativity.

While hanging a painting of seven galloping horses, make sure the images are clear. Distorted images can confuse the chi energy and manipulate positivity into negativity. Consult a Vastu specialist before making any changes in your house.


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